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Wea& Slightly confused, feeling a lil down.

Well I believe this is day 10.  Thought I would be feeling much better than I am by now.  But it is what it is...... huh.    Im just sitting on bed wondering why me........and how good life was before I ever even had sugery, and got prescribed them lil devils.  I have been feeling down for last few days, yes I know sobriety time is happening day by day, but I am still down emotionally, and mentally.  I still ache, my bottom half of my body dont feel like it belongs to the rest of me.  cant stand too long.  My leggs feel like a ton of lead, and still ache from hips down.  Im am extremely tired, my sleep is broken.  Wow this is awful.  But I been here before so, all I can do is suffer on thru it, I know it gets better, just wish it didnt take so long.  Thank you all for being there for me, have a blessed day.  I will return.  Just trying to make it thru the day.     God Bless
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Hi there! I know how you are feeling!! Ive been there! Keep in mind that opiates screw with the receptors in the brain and mess up the chemisrty in you brain. Your brain has to relearn to produce those "feel good" chemicals on its own again. That takes a little time to be honest but it will get better each and everyday. The depression is hard to deal with I know.

I also know what it is like to have the feeling that you have 20lb weights on each limb. The best thing that helped for me was setting small goals daily and increasing them slowly each day as it passed. Believe it or not,,exercise did help and I am one of the laziest people ever anyways so it was like torture but I did it. Somehow you have to get the stregnth to get up and do something/exercise. Your body feels weird because you dont have those pills in ya. Its almost like its  uncomfortable. I promise that will get better in time too. Hang in there! Hope you are feeling better tomm. ((hugs))~Bkitty
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Good luck.  You can do this. God bless.
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