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Weight Gain After...

Is it normal to gain weight during WD's? I’m on day 9 and you would think it would have been the opposite with all the time I spent in the bathroom, yet I have gained over 8 pounds in a week!..My cloths are tight and I hate it!
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Yes, I too gained a lot of weight during my month long W/D's.   The only thing I can attribute it to is finding pleasure in other senses -- like eating.   I suppose it is a small price to pay for getting clean and I would do it again.  I did not know, however, that it happened to others so I am glad you posted.  All the best.
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I lost 35 pounds in 30 days.
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well I am 'holding water' to the point that I can't take my rings off..now I am  in the process of tapering  and drinking heaps of water and don't have w/d symptoms (weird dreams maybe) but I'm amazed at the water I am holding no matter how much i pee.
Haven't weighed myself--but I imagine it shows there also
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WOW! I have hardly eaten anything in the past week...mainly because my taste buds were shot. I had a bad cold at the same time. My stomach feel like I'm going to burst...
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It's normal for some people.  I took Roxi's and was so underweight from them I didn't get normal periods.  By the time the WD were all saod and done I had gained 10-12 in a single month.  I couldn't stop eating!  I think it has to do with missing and minerals.  Couldn't get enough milk...
Other people can't eat anything and spend most of their time in the bathroom.
Best of luck to you....
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yes weight is good at this time.  the pills rob our bodies of vitamins and nutrients.  i ve put on 12lbs since w/ding in july....i have a new addiction called food.  it is okay..keep on eatin!  
lots of luck..maria  
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I put on 20 lbs in 1 month...what in the world?
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Day 9 clean and same here, about a pound a day, *****!
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yes weight gain is typical, when i quit i gained 15 pounds in two weeks i went from 170 to 187 pounds but it was good weight gain. food was my new addiction.
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Me too. i think it has to do with the anxiety our bodies and minds are going through. Maybe it's a way of dealing  with it: eating. At least i do  know that i eat a lot more  now and  i have like cravings for sugar &  carbohydr...But i'm not happy with gaining more weight  ! ( no, thanks)  so   i'm now "quitting" these kind of food too ( :-) )

I'm trying to eat   less of this  and more of the green things ( slow carbos), protein shakes, new salad recipes ... ( btw,  it's keeping me  busy  the last days  with a new thing that it's good to me: cooking more healthly ).
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I put on weight as well during w/d's.  I think it's because when I was taking pills I never ate, so the pills would have the maximum effect.  I would go days without eating.  When I stopped taking pills, and I needed something to do, I would eat.
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so, shall we make our new fat&&&clean t'shirts ??
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