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Weight loss vs. weight gain

Hey guys! Day 11 here! Feeling pretty good. Depression/anxiety is almost nonexistent and physical w/d is pretty much over, just waiting for the sleep pattern to return to normal. I was taking about 6-10 norco 10/325 per day. My question is, did you guys experience any weight fluctuations while on hydrocodone? I have always struggled to keep weight on, but noticed I lost weight I really couldn't stand to lose while on these pills. I'm 6'6", 185 lbs normally, which is still a bit on the thin side, but after a 10 month bender I am down to around 172, which is way too thin for my height. What has been your experiences with weight loss/gain while taking these pills?
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Hey! Congratulations on your big 11 days! Glad to hear you're doing well and have a good attitude.
Everybody's different but many people lose weight on opiates and gain it back when they get clean. The exceptions would generally be folks on higher doses of Methadone and Suboxone which slow the metabolism down. You might have a high Metabolic weight to begin with. How's your appetite now?
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Hi..This seems to be a issue for most..Although I do not know you Health issues that might be going on..I can say when I was using Opiates and or Methadone I would go up & down and around and around..I went c/t from three meds in Sept and it is now April..I slowly put some weight back on..Not real bad, but bad enough to start eating right again and exercising..Like EvolverU said I do think the Pills or any Substance affects our Metabolism in different ways..Now you go and Buff up with the Weights and make sure you Eat too!!! Big Yaaaa! on your Days..You did good...  
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I was pretty steady/average in terms of weight when i was using...when I wd'd I lost a few lbs, like many, but now I seem to be gaining some weight in the last 8 months since I quit...nothing too serious, 5 or 10 lbs...but it's worth it!

Keeping up with good nutrition, vitamins, and adding some ensure will help ya keep some weight on- especially through wd's :)
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See every person I know personally has gained weight while on them. My year long habit gave me an extra 13-18 pounds. 5 days clean I've barfed my way to 8 pound loss. My appetite was never big before the drugs then I ate like a chow hound. Now I hope my normal appetite returns.
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I have always been naturally thin. But when i was on pills, i would stay the same weight sometimes, but a lot of times i would lose. I know its because i wouldn't eat enough. I didn't want to eat and ruin my buzz, or eat a meal and then have to wait a few hours afterward to take my pills to get the full effect. I hate thinking about all the dumb stuff i did while on them.

Ive always wanted to gain a bit of weight, and hopefully I'll be successful now that im off the pills. I LOVE Ensure, but the Ensure Plus because it is even better.

Looks like everyone seems to be a bit different when it comes to weight loss/gain while using.
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Thanks for all the comments. I'm a pretty healthy guy, very high metabolism. I think I even burn cals in my sleep! My appetite is normal. Lost a bit during the first few days of detox but it seems to be returning to normal. Like Angie, I didn't want a full stomach to kill my buzz. I'd often just eat pills all day, and snack a bit in between. I'd really like to get back to around 185, although 195-200 lbs is my ideal weight. Like I said, I'm a pretty tall guy at 6'6" so at 200 I'd still be pretty lean. Thanks again for the comments. Day 12! Looking forward to tomorrow!
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