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Well, made it thru work......going into day 5 tomorrow.

OMG...my whole bottom half of my body is sore, and acheing.  I need a epsom bath.  I did a pretty good amount of walking and bending at work today.  Something I did with great ease when numb off percocet..(smiles)  But thats ok....it will pass. Im going to heal....yes I am.  My mind is doing a lil better.  Oh and this is also day 5 going into day 6 without smoking a real cigarette.  So Im battling both at the same time.  God will get the Glory, and I will get the victory!  Ill be glad when I can look back on all this mess. Im trying hard to not even think about what Im doing tooo hard, and just keep on doing it. I will be rewarded by jesus, for this sacrifice I am making.  I refuse to let satan win.  Anyways thank you all for being here for me.....I know Im sorta crazy right now, but Im in a serious fight for my life.....Oh how I want this to be over. Something I also do think about that means something to me to is..........I do know you dont keep getting chances.....God has spared me.....and TIME IS NOT promised to anyone.   So this process takes time.....everytime you relapse...you have to give it time to heal.......TIME THAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE.  Cant keep doing this ****.  Right,   (smiles)....I believe Im going to make it..once again.  I pray to God that it is my turn to get this right....I pray to God that he gives me the knowledge, guidance, strength and will, to continue to stay connected to the people, and places, and things that will help me to stay pill free. Ive Got To get it right this time....I can not keep doing this.   Well got a full day of cooking to do tomorrow, then work again...OMG.  But Im pushing on.   Keep up the fight everyone...God Bless......Hope im sending strength your way.  If I cannot sleep..I will post a lil later.
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great job keep it up

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