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Well, getting off the pills. But.....

I'm seeing an addiction doctor. He wants me to have a sponsor, go to a lot of meetings each week, learn about the disease. That's all fine and everything, but I have severe social phobia. Even thinking about going to meetings causes me to have an anxiety attack. Anyway, I live in northern Idaho, a small town called Sagle. I really need a sponsor. I  have no problems talking over the internet, text messaging, heck even phone calls are okay. It's just the groups.

So, if anyone out there wants to be my sponsor, send me a message and we'll see if it can work. I don't care about long distance sponsoring at this point, I just need someone to talk to. Both guys and gals are welcome to message me, what matters most is if I feel comfortable talking to you. I will also be a temporary sponsor for anyone else that is in my position, so in any case, just send me a private message!
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You are my Neighbor!! I will PM you right now..I am usually a sleep at this time but God works his miracles..I will take you to the meetings.

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Well you have got a good one !!!
Vic will steer you in the right direction.
Shes a true asset on this forum.
Good luck : )
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yah got the social phobia. i used to go to na meetings. i was scared but had my girlfriends sister with me. beating this in my mind is much easier when not doing it alone. actually she forced me to go. im glad i did
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