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What Do You Find Is The Best Way To Get Through Cravings?

I've been tapering from Percs and Vics. I was taking 90+ mgs a day. Now I'm jumping ship at 15 mgs. I feel okay, just leg cramps, sweating, and insomnia the past few nights. The cravings are killings me though
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You kinda have to find what works best for you,,,a lot of times distraction helps take your mind from the cravings. Ill play with playdo( learned that in aftercare)  or watch a movie,,i didnt have much motivation in the beginning,,Id also read the NA book thats online,,some people clean,,some exercise. Just know that the cravings will pass. Sometimes reading others post on here helped knowing I wasnt the only one suffering. Push thru it-they will subside. Get rid of any remaining pills that you have cuz you more than likely will end up taking them. Hope this helps some and I wish you all the best!~Bkitty
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Be sure to keep hydrated and eat.  My cravings seemed to get worse if I was hungry.  I was having a tough time eating, but managed to eat a few crackers, grapes or cheese and it helped.  Carbs helped me as well.
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Thank you guys. The problem I have is that before I did anything I'd pop a pill. It seems that whenever I try to do something to distract myself it ends up being a trigger because I got high to do anything. I don't physically feel too bad, the mental part is what is really holding me back right now
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Oh I know that thought. I would take a pill before anything. If I had to clean a pill. Shop that was two. I didn't know how to start anything without a pill. I still think about them. My fist two weeks were crazy cravings. If u got mad id crave if I had to shop I'd crave. But they passed after ten minutes or so. Now its not as intense after two weeks. Hang in there.
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were you getting all of the from the dr? or buying off street (you know - friends, etc..), i got through several times w/d'ing thinking about the money we would be saving, what i was gonna do with that!! that really helped any cravings i got...great luck to you and Merry Christmas!!  keep up the good work   peace michele
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What I have found has been getting out and away from the house to run errands, visit my fave coffee shop..anything away from the house.  It really helped me to get out and just away.  Time passed faster and as I got involved with something I forgot I wanted a pill.  

It has also been said that most cravings go away between 10-20 minutes.  So doing something that keeps my hands busy seemed to help.
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Exactly! Right when I woke up I'd pop a pill, another before I took a shower, one more to get dressed, then 1-3 before doing anything- it was really sick. I try playing with my dog, watching my favorite TV show (The Big Bang Theory), washing my car, playing with the kids, etc. but for some reason my mind will not get off of the pills.

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I was getting 90 Vicoprofen a month from my doctor. I have an injured shoulder that needs a 2nd surgery. My ligaments have snapped causing my shoulder to be dislocated, multiple tears in my rotator cuff, my bicep tendon has recently torn, and the fluid that usually goes around the shoulder is being redirected to my neck which causes neck pain and headaches. I just settled my Worker's Comp case because I was getting screwed, so the only way I can get the help I need for my surgery is by getting a job with health insurance - and in order to do that I can't be strung out on pills. I'll deal with the pain, I have for 2 years, I just want to be clean.
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I know what you're saying, whenever I'm driving I feel great. I would love to go on a 2 week road trip right now lol
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