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What Does Anyone Know About Neurontin?

Agree with the others who say that docs don't understand addiction at all! Went to see the dr to express desire to come off solpadol as it was causing me problems. She knows I'm a recovering alcoholic and ex-smoker. She prescribed me Co-codomol (15/500) lower dose than Solpadol and took me off amitriptyline (never really knew what it was anyway) and put me on Neurontin to help me sleep. Now - I DON'T want to take the co-codomol AT ALL. I would prefer to go cold turkey - I mean, I'm on day 5 and I'm doing not bad. Sleep is still an issue, but I'm more calm than I've been in ages - especially when driving - and I'm actually cheerful in the mornings! What is this Neurontin? Am I safe to take it?
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Neurontin was initially used as an anti-seizure medication.  It is also prescribed for nerve pain and some people use it to help with withdrawals.  One of the side effects is drowsiness which may be why your doctor prescribed it.  I was on it for nerve pain on two different occasions.  I think it helped the nerve pain a little bit.  I'm very sensitive to medications and I didn't really care for the side effects.  It made me feel foggy.  It also caused me to slur my words and it interfered with my thinking.  I often had trouble word finding.

There are people who say it helped a lot with their withdrawal symptoms.  You aren't supposed to stop it suddenly; it should be tapered under your doctor's supervision.  Stopping abruptly can cause seizures.

If you're only taking it to help with sleep, there may be better options.  I used to take a prescription sleep-aid but someone here suggested Alteril, which is all natural and non-habit forming.  I've found the Alteril to be quite good.
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It's supposed to help dull the pain so that I can sleep. Obviously, I don't want to take anything that can remotely be habit-forming. Thanks. I guess I can try one tonight & if I don't the effects then I can always flush them. I'll keep an eye open for Alteril.
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I take it when my back get to the point of Motrin isnt helping.  Neurontin to sleep?? Not sure on that one.  Its a anti-inflamitory and non addictive.. It helps with my pain, and is helping but I only take one here and there.... hope i helped alittle.. :-)    your friend Rick       I think you are Safe.... addict to addict.. It won't get ya high so I believe your okay.. Smiles :-)    
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My experience was similar to Mary carmel's - I had difficulty finding what word I wanted just kind of foggy and it did not help one iota with my nerve pain - nothing.  You also have to take it I'm pretty sure for like 2-3 weeks to even feel it's benefit.  Different things work for different people - you could always try it for a month and if it doesn't help taper down and stop it.  for me it was a no-go.
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