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What can I do to not lose my job when I stop using Meth?

I'm a high level executive for a fortune five hundred company. I have only been using this time for a few months and was totally clean for over 7 years before that. The last time I went cold turkey and I remember the first week or so was bad. Know one but 2 close friends know I'm using again and one of them uses and was the person I relapsed with, the other is clean and concerned. I travel constantly and my office is 2000 miles away from my home. Every other weekend either I fly home or my wife and son will come here so I usually abstain while I'm with them but I have a very stressful job and it will not be easy to hide my loss of energy but this stuff is killing me. not sure what to do, any suggestions?
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Hello and welcome. Why do you think you will lose your job when you
Quit? Because of no energy from not using?
I would be more afraid of  you losing your job if you continued to use.

I  glad you are catching yourself now after only a few month relapse.
You were clean for seven years that is something to be proud of.
What did you do to help maintain your sobriety?

Do you know what caused your relapse?

I would suggest going to counseling, meetings, exercise regiment, church,
Reducing your stress level. Not socialize with the person you use with.
Your friend who is concerned is justified.

Please get yourself as much support as possible. You can be clean and sober. You did it before. There is freedoms from the chains and bondage of
Addiction. Don't lose hope. Keep the faith.
Sending encouragement, Support and prayers,
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how long have you been at your job?  look into family medical leave act....you dont need to tell them why you need time off but you dont get paid.......i have been at my job for two years and just went on leave on monday i am currently in rehab
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I can understand, I am in a similarish situation and just posted a thread yesterday, I have close to 100 employees, and my use is on opiates, I have my habit hidden well, I am a strong individual mentally & physically, but remove opiate pills from my regime, and I become dysfunctional , motivation and energy subsides , actually today was supposed to be my quit day, but I ended up using, 1 thing for sure the more times you try the greater the chance of success, your an exec , it takes a lit of strength to work at that level, in the course of work mistakes can be made and people look to seniors for strength and guidance you obviously have it , I think if you tap into that , it can plant the seed to start you in the right process replacing one form of behaviour with another one at a time, Im not in a position to preach on how easy it is, I personally have to keep this hidden from everyone , wife family friends... but I believe in perseverance and an absolute willingness to believe that I will allow control of my life, that ihave worked so hard for to be controlled by something other than me.... I sincerely hope it comes together for you, and physical symptoms aside which wont kill you if you stop its the self inflicted mental torment which we exasperate by giving it more power than deserves fabricating conditions which arent really there , like it you think you have to itch your back, think about it long enough and you will, you didnt have to but you made yourself belive you did
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Hi, I completely understand your concerns. I, too, am a successful financial advisor and one of the managing partners of a wealth management firm, as well as a wife and mother to twin boys. My job, much like yours, is not a 9-5 one and I always need to perform whether at home or work.  I was abusing opiates and found that they gave me energy (as well as eased my stress and numbed all the other pain in my life) and seemed to make my work/life more manageable. Unfortunately, after years of being a high functioning addict I realized that I was physically dependant and addicted and could not stop without  becoming ill. Also, I required more and more which is just the progressive nature of the disease.  I did not and will not tell my colleagues and partners but I did tell my husband.  While he was upset and didn't understand how it happened, he was actually supportive and more upset that I felt I could not tell him.  I truly believe that in order to succeed in quitting you need to share with your spouse. It was such a weight of my shoulders too, which helped.  With my husband's help I finally quit the OxyContin altogether (been over 3 months) and I have tapered down to two percocets a day. I am going to therapy to work on my underlying issues.  I did need to take a long weekend when I was detoxing from the oxy. I figured it was more important then anything else and I live my work so I am more than entitled to soem time to care for myself.  You have done it before and will do it again. I have recently read two books about meth and that drug does so much damage to your brain, moreso than opiates. You will find so much support and great advice here, this community is amazing. I also would recommend NA. I never thought that I needed to go, that I was that bad...but I am an addict. I was utterly terrified when I went to my first meeting...but everyone was so incredibly warm, welcoming, supportive and non-judgmental. They could understand things that my husband could not.  I think it is definitely worth it. Please reach out if you need anything!  JJ
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Exec, you will be much better served by following the advice of Junip. The disease of addiction loves secrecy. "I'm very strong. I can hide this from my wife or significant other." This way of thinking is not only dangerous but its a bunch of crap. The disease of addiction is like a fungus and hates sunlight. As long as we keep it a secret, the longer we keep it in the dark the stronger it grows. I'm not saying tell people in your professional world but I am saying share this with your wife or husband. Bring it into the light and get it out of your life.
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Hi Bigdaddy,

I love-"The disease of addiction is like a fungus, it hates sunlight"!!!  My son uses meth and it surely is a horrible fungus.  And extremely hard to beat.
I see a lot of progress with his addiction and then it pops up its ugly head.  It takes a lot of courage and determination to beat an addiction but it surely can be done.  When I pray, I will remember that fungus hates sonlight.  That one is gonna stick in my head!!

Good luck and perseverance to all trying to beat their addictions.     mandi
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