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What can I take to lesson the withdrawals, not make them worse?

OMG! I tried to use remidies I purchased at the store, bananna's, apple juice, and Night Time Sleep aids pills-over the counter. I ate 3 bannana's, 3 glasses of apple juice and took 2 sleeping aid pills...(I have backed off my dosage of percocets as far as I can-requireing 1 10-650 every 8 hours instead of the doctors required 6 hours) Within 2 hours of my needed last dose of percocet, I was in pure raw agony, twitching and jittery, pacing and so uncomfortable, it felt like spiders were crawling over every inch of my skin. I didn't even feel any normal pain, I was so beyond feeling anything normal. I've never felt so miserable in my life!! Coming off of heroine as a teenager was kids stuff compared to this! When I started using percocet in place of morphine for my back pain, there was no real wd problem at all.

But this, I broke almost instantly and had to take 2 pills just to get rid of the feelings.
I don't think I can do this. I live alone in a very nice studio apartment with my pet Rat Terrier, and being alone seemed to make things worse. But, I don't have any family alive, nearby. I've no one to turn to, and all my friends do pills or pot, so I can't depend on any of them. In the past, pot helped alittle bit, when coming off of a drug like heroine or cocaine, but I am afraid to get some and try it for this, if it doesn't help, I've messed up my prescription and wont get percocets anymore at all!

God, how I wish I'd never have started this Pain Management in the first place! I could deal with the sweats, soreness of back and legs...its the nerves, sensitive skin, and jitters that drive me totally insane!
Its so bad, if I can't kick this I'm afraid of what I'll do. Its crazy, I know...for a guy once dubbed as "Mr. Invincible" in the ring, but damn, this has got to be the worst thing in the world to defeat!!!

I don't know what to do.

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Ok...  :)  step by step

1) These products will help you with RLS ( night are a hell with RLS)  Hylands restful legs is the brand name of the product, ask for it because it is a very small bottle and sometimes it got overlooked. Same with Hylands cramps legs.

about number 5) Natural Calm , i think is a magnesium suplemment .... magnesium, calcium and potasium are minerals that will help you with muscle cramps and aches  and with RLS ( bananas and apple juice are rich on potasium and this is the reason they are recommended )

2) a good vitamin complex... and i would add a B's complex and vitamin C.

4) you will experience problems with sleep and anxiety, this is quite normal and i would  tell you that you will still have problems with sleep and anxiety  even if you are taking some stuff to help you . There is no magical pill to erase those wds symptoms but at least you can alleviate  them a litlle bit.... If you are not taking anything else apart from the percocets, we advice melatonin to help with sleep , it is non habit forming ( OTC ) along with valerian root ( this is a herb , so it is not a brand name, look for valerian root )... valerian is a help with anxiety too.

I have just remembered that there are some people that are taking supersnooze to help with sleep ...  and it has many of the ingredients that we are advising all in one so you could try this product... supersnooze to start with and see how you are feeling... maybe with the days , you will see if you need anything of the above.

5) Epsom salts are magnesium tablets... you will feel much better  after taking one of those hot baths with the salts, it is a temporary relieve but it is one good one :)

so.... i would  start with the  Supersnooze (  i think the brand is  "puritan's pride " ), the vitamin complex and the B's complex and vitamin C,  , maybe the valerian root cause i feel you are already quite nervous and the epsom salts along with immodium ( diarrhea ) and advil ........ keep eating as much bananas as you can, the apple juice, some gatorades....

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This is the third post on this first page alone. It is near impossible to follow you and help you. Please stick to one post and ask your questions there, or here.

So you are taking 1 pill every 8 hours at the moment? Is that right?
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In defense of my 'offending reposts'...I created these 'posts', the site profile, everything here in a rather horrid state of pain and anguish, excuse me for repeating myself...if this bothers you, but I am miserable, and constantly balance between a state of misery and defeat from the third hour after my last dose till the 8th.! It is all my will just to force myself to wait for the 8th. hour before taking a pill, and then it is 30 minutes before minor relief from the withdrawals come, and releases me to be coherant enough to ask for help.

Now...Yes, I have managed to push myself to 1 pill every 8 hours.
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Tapering can be a very difficult task and in many ways quitting cold turkey is easier.  There is no wasy way to come off of pain pills but there are some remedies that help to alleviate some of the pain and discomfort associated with withdrawals.  Vitamins are an essential part of detoxing because much of the symptoms of detox result from a vitamin deficiency - the health pages on the right of the screen recommends the best vitamins during this time...There is a product called NaturalCalm that really helped my fiance and I during our detox from methadone - it can be ordered or purchased from many health food stores...There are several other things that can help to make things more bearable but ultimately it is challenging to come off of opiates (even more challenging to come off of opioids - such as methadone and suboxone..) A positive frame of mind is also a key component along with support and encouragement - which you will find here.
There will never be an easier time than now...Best of luck - I know it is brutal, most people here can understand - and also help.  Continue to post...
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HI.....sounds like your in a real jam here with the withdrawals you could taper off but im telling you right now the way your body is reacting to just the little bit of narcotic stress your putting it under and having major withdrawals I dont see a taper working for you your going to be one of those cases that C/T and just jump is going to be the most painless
your only going to be sick for around 4 days you just bit the bullet and get it over with
if your going to feel every little reduction in dose or prolonged duration it will torcher you
to taper....it not often I tell somebody how to do this but when I see someone struggle like you we look for the ezest possible way to get you off the stuff...keep reading the posts
when your ready to do this let us know we can help you with supplements and ideas on how to get threw this...keep posting for support good luck and God bless.....Gnarly  
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Don't get discouraged... right now you are freaking our and thinking that everything is much worse,..you can do it... HAve you read the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol ? ... you could also look for HYLANDS restful legs and HYLANDS cramp legs ( OTC ) .. read other posters and see what they are taking... add some magnesium+calcium and potasium supplements...advil for the pain...valerian root helped me with sleep, anxiety and my stomach cramps ( at least i think it helped me with the stomach cramps :) ..some B's, the bananas and the apple juice, keep you hydrated drinking a lot of fluids... don't forget to take long hot baths wth epsom salts if you have them ...I also lived alone with my dog when i detoxed and look at the bright side of being alone cause nobody will have to put up with your changing moods, you can shout to the TV, find some funny movies to watch...go for walks with your dog, a little bit exercising will help you a lot even if it is the last thing you want to do :)

We are here for you so you won't be alone, Gary... it is very important that you keep your mind being positive, very important :)
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Gary, you can do this. You would not have posted it you didn't want it.  Just one step at a time baby.
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Wow! These responses really sounded great and the encouragement was remarkable. I woke up scratchy and itchy, figdity and sensitive at 6:45 AM...15 minutes before my next pill, and so checked the 'WATCH LIST' here to try to kill the 15 minutes. More than 15 minutes have gone by, and the pill is still sitting on the table beside me! Oh, I know I'm going to take it in a minute, and then its going to take 30 minutes more to start affecting me, but its not as important as it was when I first woke up alone.

Thanks for confirming my thoughts on tapering, Feohmoon, I can see the logic in tapering being worse...prolonging the wd's...So...

Ok, lets do this...Cold Turkey! I am going to the bank this morning, and picking up the money to purchase remedies...If I could get a specific list of the stuff to get, I'd be forever in your debt...Name brand wise, maybe? There is a CVS Drug store nearby that should have everything you all list, and I'm going to do it today!

The begining of the list as I understand it should consist of...

1. HYLANDS restful legs and HYLANDS cramp legs...IS THAT THE NAME of the BRAND?
2. Vitamins are an essential part of detoxing... WHAT VITAMINS?
4. valerian root helped me with sleep, anxiety and my stomach cramps ( at least i think it helped me with the stomach cramps VAERIAN ROOT? WHATS THE NAME BRAND? ALSO, I CAN'T IMAGINE BEING ABLE TO SLEEP AT ALL WHEN I CAN'T EVEN LAY DOWN WHEN WD'ING...YOU ALL SEEM TO KNOW BEST, SO WHAT ABOUT THAT?
5. NaturalCalm ...IS THAT THE NAME BRAND?
6. Hot Baths with epson salt...EPSON? THATS THE NAME BRAND, RIGHT?

Anything else I've missed copying? I've seen the add here somewhere, where for 8 thousand plus dollars they put you to sleep and detox you in hours while you sleep...I play the same 'Power Ball' numbers every week...lol. If I ever hit the millions, I'll dedicate a few million to simply sending cases such as myself to that treatment! No one deserves to go thru these wd's! Its hell on earth!

When I quit cold turkey from heroine as a teenager-with no remidies, there was no internet then, and I was in college...missed 4 days classes, but still graduated with a 3.25 GPA, [She graduated with 2.76]. I had my girl friend-the girl of my dreams, she was my soul mate actually, and we did it together, that must have been what made it seem so much easier-having some one with me, and the compassion we felt for each other as we went thru it. Now I live alone with my service animal-am clinically deaf, in a nice studio apartment. I have cable and 4 computers...multiple computer games to take up time and the people who run this apartment complex like me alot... I keep there computers and office equipment running top notch for them...I am a computer tech, and do Wedding Photography now.
Anyone on this watch list wanting to get married...just get me there, and have a place for me to 'crash', the photography is FREE! Or if your having computer problems, feel free to ask, I will fix your problem... might want to wait till after my worst wd's are over first, but I will owe you a big debt if this works and I live thru it! LOL

I've added you each to my friends list, please accept because I want friends like this...having to dislocate myself from so many of my present friends because they all use, I have several 'slots' open now, LOL
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This is awesome!  You sound so much more positive than you did in your first post.  Just remember the withdrawals are only temporary and you can do anything for just a few days.  Keep looking toward the end.  Just play it like you're sick.  It'll be over soon.  And keep posting and reading the board.  It just helps knowing you're not in it alone.

Day 18 here ...
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Very impressive you decided to go ct!! You will be uncomfortable through the weekend and then this physical nightmare you are going through will end. Again, great choice to get this part over with.

I was never one for vitamins and supplements and such, still am not, so I don't know one from the other. I do the home remedies for as much comfort as I can. But members here are big on what is natural to take and what will help you. Listen to them as they don't recommend something they haven't taken themselves.

Hang in there and ask questions when you need to. Someone is here a good part of the day and night. I wish you the best and hope it is over for you soon!!
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Got it, going to the bank in an hour, my next dose of medication should be 3 oclock as I've tapered off to 8 hour doses, when do I begin the remidies? I should have them all by then.
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Question... Do I try to be active, clean house, go for walks, play computer games?  If I remember correctly, I could not sit still before when quitting heroine... I assume this will be very simular, the sensitive skin will keep me from laying down, sitting for any long period of time, or allowing anything but water to touch my skin.
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Gary, if you can do light exercise, GOD love you. It will definitely help, especially with the rls. Even if you take a brisk walk later in the day, then soak in the tub before going to bed. The idea is to work those calve muscles. As you know, they tighten up and that causes the restless legs. I wrapped my calves in heating pads, for one, and that did help to ease it. I also found that during the first few critical days if you can sleep in a lounge chair, it may help. Laying flat aggravates it so laying back instead of all the way down was a comfort.

Know that it is not for long and you can and will be through this in a few days.
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This is strictly my opinion, but I'd go ahead and take the vitamins now.  Let them build up.  A lot of them are stuff people take every day anyway.  You are going to be needing them in a few hours so put them in your body now.  I'm sure others will jump on and give there opinion too.  I have vitamins that I've taken for years way before I even started to quit.

Except the immodium.  Again, my opinion, but why take it unless you need it?  Pretty much everyone has that problem, but what if you don't?

I never took the Restless Leg.  Didn't know about it.  Look at the bottle.  Does it say take at nighttime?  That's what I'd think.

Wait for more advice and keep hangin on the board.
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Gary~   Good luck with this!  We'll be here...

ANY exercise is great!

Frequent hot baths help a lot!!   Pour Epsom salt into the bath water (the salts come in a large bag or container).

The "Super Snooze Melatonin" by Puritan's Pride is good stuff. It has everything in it you'll need for restless legs,anxiety and insomnia. It's not magic but it helps!!

Check in...
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sure that immodium is only and if you have diarrhea, it would be useless taking it without having any problem  :)

i always wondered how this annoying RLS started every night as soon as i was lying in bed as if they were so smart too realise the time of the day... but right, as IBKleen has said, the reason is that of lying flat, how silly of me :)

Start taking the vitamins, Gary and yes, exercise is great and you will boost your endorphines , something we really need  those lovely "endorphines" :)
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thanks everyone...going to bank and then drug store now. Don't leave me, guys, have a feeling gonna need your company in a few hours.
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Be Back in a few.
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Oh I knew that's what you meant on the immodium ... he asked when he should start taking everything and after I suggested he go ahead and start taking the vitamins I thought I'd clarify on the immodium.  (Although Gary seems smart enough to figure it out on his own)   I just didn't want him to get the wrong idea.

I thought all the advice you gave to Gary was great.  :)

Gary ... what a turn around in your attitude.  I think this is wonderful.  Don't get discouraged, because it won't be easy.  Just keep telling yourself that its only for a few days.
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No problem at all, DayToTry :)... when i wrote it i was thinking of stuff to buy but it could be misunderstood with something to start taking so anything to clarify what i said  is well said :)
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Back. The pharmacist knew me, and helped me obtain the things on the list, mostly all in one vitamin type pill, and suggestions for what else might help. I'm on my way...Have started getting the sweats already, minor back pain, but nothing serious so far. Stick with me, the nights still young, hell, its not even noon yet!
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Okay Gary...   Get the house straightened out while you still have a modicom of energy.
Get comfortable,take the vitamins,and drink fluids.

Don't dwell on how you feel. Distract yourself with music,movies,video games...

Keep posting here...
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I would get up and move around as much as i could.  Helps our natural endorphins regenerate themselves.  You can do this.  Stay as positive as you can.  We are all here for you~~~~sara
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Oh movies ... right Vicki .. .Did you get movies Gary?  It kind of helps to take your mind off things.  I think I watched a Law and Order marathon my weekend.
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