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What do I do?

Hi. I am new here. I am almost 50, and 7 years ago became very sick when my adrenal system shut down. I also have kidney disease.
I have had 17 surgeries in 7 years- 6 were MAJOR surgeries like a hysterectomy, kidney obstruction X4, liver hernia surgery, and gall bladder. I have had 6 kidney stones removed, and an abcsess on my brain, and 2 major sinus surgeries.
Needless to say, I have been given pain medication a lot- mostly Vicodin and Norco.
I since have developed autoimmune disease(probably rheumatoid arthritis), a herniated disc on my lower back, and degenerative disc disease in general. The scar tissue from all the invasive kidney procedures causes me so much pain, I cannot sleep, and when I do, the pain will eventually wake me up!
I will be going into detox in a week or so. I take 8 Norco a day, but have taken up to 14 on the bad days. I began to go to ER's to get the extra pills.
Here is my question for everyone out there in my shoes.....how will I be able to stand the very real kidney pain when I am through with detox? It is HORRIBLE pain, kidney pain is.......unbearable.
I am so afraid of having to live with that pain......I would appreciate any information about what I am going to be experiencing in detox, and what the doctors do following detox to deal with REAL proven pain...
Thanks in advance,
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Well if the pain is that severe, you may just have to keep taking something.

You have to get to the root of your problems. Sounds like you have been in poor health for some time now. Our bodies are equipped to heal these ailments unless we are in poor health. Your immune system is probably shot. You would benefit greatly to see a nutritionist and natural homepathic doctor to get your body in the best working condition possible.

are you overweight?
have you ever been checked for simple deficencies? (like different vitamins, iron, other minerals)
have you ever detoxed for toxins and poisons in your system?

getting off the drugs can be successful but you have to solve the reasons that you are in so much pain or you will probably keep returning to the drugs. (cannot live in misery, right)

for the back injuries and possible arthritis- a change in climate could help. i have a pretty messed up back also. i lived in michigan where it is freezing winters and humid summers. i moved out west to arizona where there is hardly any humidity and what a difference! no pain unless i actually do something to make it hurt.
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