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What drug is my dad doing?

So every night at 2:00AM my dad has been cooking something on the electric stove and it smells really bad he's been using alcohol isopropyl to cook it then he goes into the bathroom and gets his hand held torch to smoke it
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Oh geez. I don't know. Maybe he's cooking up meth? Honestly, it doesn't really matter because he's doing something horrible to himself and to you. Are you talking to anyone about this? Are you looking for support?
Could be cannabis oil. ....does he smoke weed?
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Hi, some places have substance abuse charities that you can phone and chat anonymously about concerns. They are also good at knowing what people are abusing by the description given so if you have that in your area its worth a try.
Is there anyone else in the household who might have also seen your dad. If there a strong smell then its likely others in the home would notice too.
Is your dad taking other drugs that you know off?
Sorry to say...but it sounds like he is cooking and smoking crack, or meth.  In any case he may be cooking it, but the fumes are affecting any one else around it as well.  
i found this pot with black inc in it and i think hes smoking that because the smell, smells just like that inc
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