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What is the standard drug given for kidney stones?

Could any of the wonderful nurses here with ER/ED experience tell me what the first choice of drug usually is for alleviating kidney stone pain when people present?

I'm pretty sure it's a non-narcotic (I'm hoping!) of some kind, but cannot remember the name for the life of me. It was given IV along with fluids and the effect provided complete control of the pain within 5 min.

Any guesses?
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Kidney stone pain is usually treated with morphine or demerol IV in a hospital setting...both are narcotics
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I have had 14 kidney stones and 3 surgeries for them. I was given Demerol and Toridol!!! 2nd is non-narc
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When I had them I was given morphine and toradol.
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Toradol would be it! Many thanks.
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LOL...you are very welcome and good luck!! Those hurt!!!
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I'm scared! I won't lie! lol

I've just started having a sharp, deep, pain in my lower back a couple of hours ago... which is how it's always started in the past. *cues the dramatic music* I'm really hoping it's just a pulled muscle or something though... O_o

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I totally feel for you. As I stated, I had many of them, and I know they are painful!! I hope that you can either hurry and pass it, or I hope it is something else like you mentioned. I am sorry if it is a stone. I hope that it passes fast for you if it is.
I am off to sleep now, but I truly hope that you get some relief and are able to get some rest. Try to have a good night.
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yeah , with me it was always tordol until they got the CT scans back then morphine
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Some Dr's. will also use Nubain which is also non narcotic so they say. It is normal used in Delivery rooms however they use it for migraines and other types pain even the occasional back strain
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Kidney stones are one of the most painful things out there....yow!  Goodness...I always feel so badly when I have a patient with them...they are in agony.

If you are talking about a pain med on an outpatient basis, it isn't uncommon for them to prescribe a narcotic.  If you prefer to try a non-narcotic for obvious reasons...just communicate that to the doc.

Inpatient...Toradol usually helps quite a bit...again, same thing...just express that you would like to try a non-narc analgesic first.

If the pain becomes super severe...you may be forced to decide whether a few doses of a narcotic may be in order.  I understand why you'd rather not go down that road...but let's face it...renal stones are one of the most horrificly painful conditions out there.  Cross that bridge when (and hopefully IF) you come to it.

Hopefully, it won't get too bad for you...and maybe won't end up being that at all!  I've got my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Take Care!
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I have had stones and I have been given everything from Dialauded, stadol nose spray, darvocet, percocet vicodin in hosp they gave me tordal and morphine IV, they are extremely painful my thoughts are with you. Drink lots and lots of water and ask for flomax that will relax you uretha and help the stones pass quicker
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toradol, hands down.
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i currently have a kidney stone which i am trying to pass. i went to the ER in the middle of the night due to excruciating pain, and they gave me morphine. that helped quite a bit, but still didn't get rid of all the pain.

this thing is very painful... uhm...don't complain about pain on the alcoholism forum...lol! you will get a speech! LOL!

they also gave me some lortab to take at home. i just gave mine to my husband, have alerted my sponsor, and am praying for relief.

good luck! :)
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Both times I had a stone, they gave me moraphine through an IV and then a script for vicodin. Keep drinking those fluids to help it pass quickly. I hope you feel better soon.
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I appreciate the timely responses and well-wishes! I was going out of town on short notice and haven't had a chance to reply until now.

I did get to a clinic and told them to give me Toradol and nothing else and to send me on my way as soon as possible - and surprisingly, they did... after only doing a urinalysis with a dip test (had some blood present).

It worked well and I didn't even miss half a morning of work, so in the future I'm just going to run to the clinic at the first guess I might be having a kidney stone and not wait until the pain really hits hard.... why didn't I think about doing that the other times? lol

Hope all my other fellow kidney-stone sufferers are making it through!
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At the hospital I work at they have "lithotripsy" which will break the stone up and make it easier to pass...also when u pass a stone, save it for analysis...many times it is something in your diet that u can cut down on and prevent the stones
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glad you are managing your symptoms successfully! does the toradol help significantly? i would like to try it if it does.

still no change in my symptoms. they seem to come and go. sometimes worse than others, as yesterday i had little to no pain - just a dull ache in my back and lower left abdomen. i called the ER and asked them where the stone was located, and they said as of 40 hours ago it was still in my kidney. meaning i haven't even began to see the really bad pain yet as it hasn't entered my uretur (sp?). oh goodness! i don't know if i can stand the pain if this is only the "minor part" of passing a stone.

i'm supposed to go out of town sunday for one night. i''m gonna chance it i think, as i've been looking forward to this trip for months. if i have to end-up going to the ER again i'm going to ask for toradol initially. if that doesn't help then i will let them give me morphine.

good luck and keep us posted :)
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hey all
just fort il let you know my story im a 16 year old girl and started having horrible pain in lower back and pelvi area was addmited to hospital in march i was told i have a cyst on my ovary, so therefore i have key whole to see what was going on. week after this i still had the pain and it was gettin worst by the day, i have been told loads of differnt things by doctors including, adhesions,ibs,pulled muscle,cyst, or pasym of the bowl, i was back in hosiptal last week as the pain was unbearable and ive been told they think its kidney stones, so ive had this pain for 3 1/2 months non treated no drugs a working lol. so im waiting for test to see what i have.
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