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What is this?

Lorazapam? The doc. gave it to me for sleep and anxiety. Will it help? Is it addicting? And will the soboxone let it work?
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Thanks for a quick reply. I've been stressed. The weather here in the Twin Cities so muggy. I've been having panic attacks, along with asthma. Mt best friend had her breast removed, they sent her home the next day, just to find out she had 3rd stage cancer. My ex hubby had open heart surgery yesterday so i've been hospital hopping. It takes me outside of myself gives me a break from all this addiction stuff and back there in my other world, its been a while since my emotions have been running raw. And this I don't admit to many but   ssssshhhhh this is on the down low .. i am really scared. About everything right down to my own mortality.
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Whats a benzo? Yes it was that doctor. i'm calling walgreens pharamacy right now
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Used to be called Ativan.  Here is the wikipedia link.


Should help for sleep and panic attacks but can be addictive..

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Hi I take this, well used to anyway... Have it here now, all it is, is a relaxer it helps if you feel anxiety or get worked up...It is supossed to help you sleep too. Never did for me though, to tell you the truth it gave me the jumpers (BIGTIME)...We are all different though, I hope it will help you.

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You are in a tender place right now. I can't imagine all the emotions you are going through. (((((lonote))))))  We are here for you and will get you through this. Life sometimes deals us a tough hand and boy, you got dealt a beauty. All I can say is that I am praying for you and everything will work out. One of my best friends, very healthy and athletic, went on a ski trip to Calgary. He had on a helmet and went into a tree. He is a complete paralegic and has no use of his body from the neck down. I think of my troubles and feel so guilty because I don't know what I would do in that situation. He is very strong and positive. He makes me feel like a wimp. Whenever I get real down, I think of him. I saw him the other day and he is so positive. I have no idea how he does it. He almost died last year because of a resp infection. The priest came to give him last rites and he made it through. He went to the Red Sox game a few weeks ago in a special van. He is my hero.

Love ya,
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The benzodiazepines (pronounced [?benz??da?'
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The pharamcist said when she pulled up sobox,and lorazepan there was no reaction. she also pulled up valuim and no bad interaction
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Thanks you guys for the quick reply. Tim besides all that i'm doing alright. its
so hot i have to stay in cuz of my asthma. feels like i'm grounded   lolol
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You may be safer to use them for those few days after you come off the Sub. I would recomend calling the doc and getting clonidine if he hasn't given it to you yet. Also my doc gave me Lunesta.  It doesn't work for everyone so maybe ask for samples first. I got samples from the Sub doc even though I already had a script for it.
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Good Advice since I didn't know what to say to your last reply. (let alone understand it)  but i thankyou for all the time and knoeledge you have and so freely give. you are a real sweetheart. How are you feeling today?
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You will know when you need one. Just come on here and keep me company.
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I think it is like a valium. How you doing darlin?
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