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What kind of vitamins did you take during detox?

I was just wondering what vitamins everyone took while they detoxed.  I am beginning my taper today and I started B-complex and vitamin c.  I know there are more than that that can help.  I get a little confused when I read the Thomas Recipe AND the Amino Acid Protocol.  Any replys would be helpful.  thank you :)

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well...the thomas recipe talks about the B complex, a good multi vitamin, a cal/mag supp at night.....also tyrosine, phenylalanine, 5htp, SAMe, which are amino acids that help with moods and healing receptors we have damaged..there are probably more but this is what comes to mind...i posted what helped me in my journal..good luck
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One key is to take your multi 2x/day. The water soluble ones leave your body quickly.
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FLaddict has a great post in the "most viewed health pages" at the bottom right of the page. Along with what is posted above are some great recommendations. I can't recommend the vitamin B supplements! Make sure to keep an eye on your blood pressure.
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I didn't change anything in my diet or add supplements until i had quit completely.

l-glutamine 500mg.  3x day
l- methionine 500mg. 2x day
b-vitamin complex 100mg morning
vitamin C 2xday
l-theanine  as needed (acts like valuim)
valarian root 1,000-1,500 every 4 hours as needed (reduces anxiety)

lots and lots of protein -eggs, chicken, fish (no red meat-causes inflammation and therefore pain)
only fresh raw vegtables and fruits

i felt like a million bucks. i need to go back to that diet.
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Like Broknbck,

l-glutamine 500mg.  3x day
l- methionine 500mg. 2x day  (less expensive SAM-e variation)
b-vitamin complex 100mg 2x/day
vitamin C 2xday (take as much as you can early on... just to the point where you may have loose BM's, then cut back - whatever that amount is for you)


DLPA - 1000mg 2-3x/day
Calicum w/ Vit D. - 1-2 at night (puts me to sleep w/in 30 mins)
L-Tyrosine 500mg - 2-3x day- REALLY helps w/ energy. In fact, this is most of what you find in those 5-hour Herbal energy drinks at supermarkets. Beside gensing and caffeine

That plus exercise. I'll have 90 days clean on Monday and am up to running 8-10 miles day, trading off with 40-50 miles of cycling.  Back in the best shape of my life.

The amino's really help.  In fact, Protein Powders - the big jugs you see in the stores are made up of a lot of chunk of whey protein and aminos. They repair the body. I drink one or two of these a day in addition to the vitamins.

I was also taking 5-HTP for a while, but moved off it as I was feeling a little spaced out. Good for rebuilding your serintonin levels. Important early into getting clean.
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