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What should I do Other than the obvious (quit)

ok last week i had 18puffs of a asthma inhaler and 9 pills of gravol with two jumbo cups of coffee double double. i was getting changed for bed and all around the sides of my vision was like a snowy television screne and it kept doing it all night i was tripping staring at my celing because it was like it was going to drop on me and the snow was like not snow it was eating the celing away. i got that on and off for a few days and i get it now and then even now what should i do and saying quit the drugs wont do much im sorry i dont want to be rude im trying to be blunt.
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Hey~  What you're doing is so dangerous...you can hurt yourself (your brain) permanently.  Just ask yourself if you'd like to be in a state of hallucination all the time, without the drugs...it could happen.  I'm worried for you.See a doctor...
Be careful~
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get into an out patient program where you talk for like 16 hrs. a week, either mornings or evenings.  OK, so drugs are your problem?  Are you the garbage can type?  Take whatever you can get your hands on?  Wow, I don't know what you're getting from taking 18 puffs of your inhaller.  Not to be rude at all, but that's why the pharmist looked at me desrespectfully when I think I went to refill mine too early.  I agree with the poster above, you could cause yourself some serious brain damage.Or your heart could stop, blow up or could raise so fast, you could have a heart a ttack.
I for one have done very dangerous things even when I knew they were dangerous and that it could kill me.  that's an addict for you.  Honey, really talk to a counselor, call at hot line, get some help in your community. a one on one help and then maybe group counseling.  Keep posting, and coming around.  Hope you're ok.  god can help you.  Pray to Him, I believe in Him 150%.
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