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What to do about pain meds ?

Well this is the first time Ive been on here in a few months I have 205 days clean off opiates.  I was using at first for legit pain then before I knew It couldn't live without them.  But anyways question Is I have to have knee surgery next month and I dont know what to do about pain med options ?  My husband thinks I should take what they give me but he would hold the medicine and give it to me as he thinks Its needed.  
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You're husband has a good plan.Let him hold the meds and dispense to you as needed as soon as you can manage the pain on over the counter meds and by other means{ice,heating pad} flush the rest of them...Good luck with the surgery.All the best...Kim
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I am in the same situation where I'll be facing surgery and need to deal with Rx opiates.  My PCP already knows I am an addict and we have a great working agreement.  When it comes time to start sawing bones, my plan is to inform the surgeon and the staff of my situation with opiates.  I will take controlled dosages, such as the pump or those administered by the hospital staff, but no written Rx for later.  There are several methods available these days for self-medication that won't let me abuse, and I plan to utilize them.  

There is also the the plan to hand over Rx and pills to my wife, but I feel it's unfair to her to be the drug cop.  We'll see what's available when it comes.

Regardless of how you do it, I'd recommend letting anyone within earshot know that opiates are a problam.  Oh, and whatever happens, don't let anyone hand you the line of BS that says that ultram or tramadol is not an opiate,  Tramadol w/d has been way worse than vidodin w/d and it's also much mroe addictive.  They worked very well to conrol my pain, and did nOT produce the buzz that vikes did, just like the literature says, BUT they ARE extremely addictive and w/d is painful.
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