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What to do about severe leg pain?

Im on Day 4 of opiate withdraw. I was on 300mg of roxi a day for the last six months. Been using for a year. My legs are killing me. The worst part of everything in my opinion. Can't get comfortable. Can't sleep. 5 plus hot baths a day. Its misarable. Tried advil, natural rls meds. Help please.
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This might sound stupid....but it helped with my RLS. Try getting yourself some tight diabetic socks, long ones that go over your knees. The compression helps.
Thank you. I will certainly try this.
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If you do not have diabetic socks aces bandages not too tight will also work. walking will help the most walking and more walking along with the hot baths with Epsom Salts. The salts force magnesium into the muscles helping them to relax also Bananas are good for the potassium. Make sure you are drinking a lot of fluids a sports drink to help balance your electrolytes may also help. Congrats on your quit! lesa
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My dr. Prescribed me gabapentin also known as nuerontin. It really helps me. I know some ppl. Have probably abused it but I've never had an issue with that with this. I only needed a small dose and it helped A LOT. It's not an opiate.  not sure if you have a Dr. That could help with this but waned to mention.  deep in my addiction I would have just thrown those at someone for even suggesting it. In fact someone did suggest it once  and I completely ignored  them.  But now that I've tried it  I'm glad I did.  Before If it wasn't oxy or methadone I didn't want it but that was before I really really wanted to get clean. Also an anti inflammatory like ibuprofen will help some.
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Ps. If your on day four it's almost over!!!
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