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What to do???

Ive been taking painpills for about 3years now. I pretty much take whatever I can get my hands on. I want to stop and know that I should but the problem im having is how much I love the enery they give me when I take them and also how much my body hurts when I dont take them. I have to stop but dont know how. I am a recovering adict from nerve pills and crack. I quit taking the nerve pills and got hooked on pain pills. The other problem im having  is my mom is also hooked on painpills. I work with her cleaning houses. And it is very hard when she is around me talking about them. I just have tried to stop and everytime I go right back. What to do. And how to stop????
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You are a recovering addict from crack and nerve pills.... you know what you need to do.

It's a matter of taking the step, and stopping. It sounds like you have the desire to quit, but you're scared of the pain. A lot of us have been there, and I can tell you from personal experience, 90% of it is in your head.

Once you get yourself clean, you'll see what I'm talking about.

You know what needs to be done. Are you willing to do it?
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you just have to quit! You already know about the battle being that you have quit other things-However, I see that you are bouncing around on drugs but the thing is you are still doing a drug of some sort-you just have to  put them all down. We all have to do it someday one way or another! I figured that out while satting in jail charged with 3 felonies--I thought to mysel " This was the end result the whole time, I just didnt have to pick to do it in here, but either way w/ds were the end result" and just the thought of " I could have donr this in the confort of my own home" In the end we drug usage ends for us all just dont let it be your end
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