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What to expect? not sure which way to go....

Might sound silly asking this after doing the taper I have of 300mg a day and now at 40mg a day...BUT I find the wd's are really bad still...I am stretching doses as far as I can and when I hit the 6 hour mark to take the 10mg dose I am feeling almost unfunctionable...would I be better to jump off and go CT or continue with the taper..just not sure and wondering if that intense wd I am getting at six hours will settle down and be able to stretch further as my body adjust since coming off such a big dose so fast?  Dont want to drag it out longer then half to but need to be able to function too and am barely able to at this dose I am at...will this dose get easier with time? I know theres no magic answer it just worries me the shape I am in by the dosage time I am worried how bad the wds would be if was going ct..I have a few things i have to be able to function and do and attend this week...pls any advice?
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once your body gets use to this dosage it should get easier,. you will still have w/d with you go c/t but not sure if will be like now or stronger. hopefully someone else will come along with the answer. sorry, will bump your question to the top.
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IMO-  youre just dragging out the wd's.  Bite the bullet...be REALLY sick for 5-7 days and be done wih the physical wd's.  Instead of feeling kinda bad for weeks tappering.
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