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What to expect

I have been on a prescription of vicoden 7.5 650 for over 10 years for a medical condition.  I called to get my prescription filled - 90 a month taking it 3 times per day.  I have never misuesed, taking the prescribed dose.  I went out of town and was in a care wreck.  My prescription and several things were missing from my car, as I was taken to the hospital and my car was moved by a wrecker service.  There was snow on the ground and ice, so I am not sure it was not thrown on the ground unit snow and ice.

The Dr. at the hosptial prescribed a lessor dose for 3 days supply.  I also had shingles so I went to a Dr. the day after new year's day.  I told him that I took vicodin prescribed by my doctor.  He gave me enough to take unitl my other prescription was up for refill.

I did not tell my doctor that has treated me for 3 years about another Dr. prescribing the vicodin.  Last week when I ran out, after three days of asking the pharmacist if my prescription was fill, he said it was denied.  I had left a message for my Dr. to call me if she had any questions, and I did not hear back from her.  Her staff told me it would be faxed Friday.  I have been off the durg from Thrusday unitl today, Sunday, and all I have is a head ache and I am irritable.  I feel I need to go to my Dr. and explain why I was given a prescirption out of state for we had a trusting relationship.  When I called the after hours Dr. Friday nignt, he said "I have a note not to prescribe you narcotics - I have been working on this for 3 days" and he was very rude and acussing.  I tried to explain the car wreck, the fact that I did not take the pills that were lost (or stolen) and he cut me off and said" You can tell it to your docor on Monday".  I felt humilated and ashamed.

I have been off the drug for 3 days and I have pain (that is what is was prescibed for) and a headache.  I did have trouble sleeping and I feel anxious.  I have not had the bad side affects of withdrawl yet.  I am so embarrsed that I don't know if I should go to see my doctor or not.  She prescribed them for a medical condition, but I a so embarrased.  I was so violated by the on call Dr. that I feel like a fool.  I am in pain, but what should I expect as far as w/drawl if I decided not to go back to her.  It sounds as if the on call Dr. has labelleb me a drug seeker.
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Hi there!
I understand how you feel.  my dr. had me sign a contract recently (i've been on the pills for 3 yrs) i was confused cuz i wasn't abusing and felt like i was on probation or something.  it even said in the contract that if the pills were lost or stolen they couldn't be replaced (and that CAN,  as you know happen)  it's too bad that those who take them as needed have to be punished for the few who lie, makes no sense, i'd talk to your dr. in person as soon as possible and he/she should understand. wish you the best!
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Thank You  for your post.  I know you are right, I plan to see her (DR, ) first thing Monday. I am just in a state of shock, as I thought the medical profession was supposed to be compationate and caring.  Hopefully, my Dr. wlll be too.  It isn't even about the drug - though if the Dr, is going to not prescribe it to me, I think they should have handled it differently.  It is about the way the on-call Dr. treated me -- he does not even know me.  I feel ashamed and humiliated about taking something my doctor prescribed for me.  Why should I care about what a complete stranger says to me or about me?  I hope I never have to meet this man.  He could have just said, "I cannot prescribe it, please call you Dr. on Monday?.  
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Does not sound like u feel u abuse ur meds..and that u r a legit pain patient..altho as u know u r physically addicted making long term narcotic use a questionable choice for long term pain relief due to tolerence and addiction//be it physical or mental addiction//or both...running out can be a disaster and stuff happens sometimes like what happened to u..but narcotics can improve one's quality of life and there is a place for them altho drs are becoming more and more careful bout rx-ing them..not just cos of abuse but also cos as a long term pain relief option there r lots of negatives bout narcs vs more natural and direct methods of pain relief..as narcs only interrupt the perception of pain making the person not care so much..but no direct effect on the pain itself like anti-inflammatories, heat, ice, chiropractic, stretching, massafe etc..which all do have a direct effect on the actual pain
It is amazing ur dr found out about the out of state RX for 3 days worth of pills...happens but kinda rare as he must have run a check on u..all drs can do this anytime they want to do it as all opharmacies r tied together on the computer..but a dr will usually not do this unless he is suspicious...and it sounds like u have been adheing to ur dose all of this time..
sorry this happened to u and the health pages and this forum can help u get thru the physical part/also a great Pain forum here as well..what is ur goal?  to stop? if u r not ready to do that and u feel the meds help u vs hurt u..then perhaps when u talk to ur dr on Monday and explain//all will be well...drs appreciate honesty and he will aprreciate u being up front with him..did u file a police report about the meds getting stolen?  If u did it would be a good idea to bring it with u when u talk to him,,
hang tight..all comes out for the best in the long run
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I have felt really bad all weekend.  If I am coming close to the end of physical w/drawls, I don't know if I want to go back on them.  Sure, I still have pain, but I went to a chiropractic doctor after the wreck.  Tomorrow will be my 3rd visit and I have a bad whiplash and a broken tail bone in two places.  The chiropractor is helping me with the pain from the wreck but he told me, from my x-rays, I need to see my Dr. about the concussion.  I once asked her if I was on too much medication (the vicodin) and she said "no" continue as prescribed *(the vicodin).  If I can go off of them and still go to work with the pain, I want to stay off of them. I am most worried about the pyschological dependency after being on them this long.  That is my biggest concern.  I cannot lose my job.  I have not missed any work except the hosptial stay this last October.  I wonder if the Vicodin is the reason I can work.

Thank you all so much for you input.  This is a really embarassing situation to be in.  Maybe is was meant to be  -  for me to evaluate my dependence on the drug.  Does the benefit of taking them, out weigh the risk?

As far as making a police report, the answer is no.  I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and did not see my car until 2 days later.  I was missing some other things such as a jacket and make up.  There was snow and ice on the ground an they may have falllen out on the snow.  A policeman moved my car, so I did not think he would have taken the prescription.  I asked the doctor that prescribed the other vicodin to send my medical records the my curent doctor.
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I would suggest if you are already off of them I would try to stay that way ...It sounds like you have found some alternatives to handle the pain ...There is also the chance that your doctor well no longer prescribe them to you ... When you have multiple scripts for the same narcotic its called doctor shopping and even though you may be being honest with your doctor there are so many that have not that doctors do tend to believe patients anymore ...I think I would keep going the pain may seem worse for a while but in the end most likely you will find you pain levels where higher on the narcotics then off.let us know what you deside to do ...

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lori ,
thats a pain med contract it is not personal at all .Most doctors  now require them for long term use some doctors have started doing ramdom drug tests as well ..They are protecting themselfs I think thats pretty understandable
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