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What to take instead of Xanax?

Some of you have commented that its dangerous to take xanax and I just started it in 1 mg time release tabs for anxiety.  I have some kind of heart condition or just anxiety that causes the heart condition, but my pulse has not been this low for two years, except while sleeping.  I feel great on the xanax, and not like my heart is leaping out of my chest.  What else can calm me and let me stay alert and drive and stuff like that?
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I tried xanax but it knocked me out...no driving going on when I was on that stuff!  Have you considered meditation/yoga or maybe some natural herbal remedies! I'm not trying to insult or scare you but from what I have heard, xanax is as highly addictive and more dangerous to w/d from than opiates! Do you see a therapist?  Just some suggestions. I don't know of any other medications in the benzo family that would allow you to be alert enough to drive.
Good luck,
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I actually took xanax for 6 years.  I took one .25 in the am and one in the pm.  at that time I had no idea it was addictive or that it could make u feel good.  It helped my anxiety and really worked for me.  Now, later in life I wanted to get pregnant, so I weaned off of it and started on an anti-dep (that I later stopped as well)  When I weaned down, I went all the way to 1/4 of the .25 that I was taking.  I NEVER had a problem - of course, I never even knew there could be a problem.  It just didn't ever DO it for me.  I really think, and others may disagree, that it all depends on how you take it and how you think of it.  If it helps you, then I would take it - correctly (but that's just me).  If u don't have an addiction problem then it shouldn't matter (and from what I read earlier, you don't).  As long as you don't abuse, you really should be ok and when your ready to come off = just wean.  

Anyway -  my opinion and I know that they are hard to come off of if you have a problem with them and all.  I just didn't so - no problem for me.  

Take it for what it's worth.

sincerely, M
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I have always taken xanax off and on for years. My doc put me on suboxone, but you should not take benzos and suboxone together. So he gave me vistorol (an antihistimine) to take instead of the xanax. It makes you tired and does not help with anxiety as well as xandax, but you may want to check it out. Also alot of antidepressants are supposed to help with anxiety--effexor is one of the better ones, from what I hear.

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Thank you all for your posts last night.  Mis Take and Leelee - ty for what you said about getting on and off of the xanax.  I remember taking it for about 20 - 30 days back in the 1980's about the same dose you were taking.  I stopped it before I finished my first rx.  I haven't had any version of antianxiety med in between then and now. Never had an anti-depressant either for that matter.

Marce, thanks for the advice about therapy.
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