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What was day 3 and 4 like im on day 2

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I wish I could tell you how it will be but I myself am only in day 1 well 12 hrs of cold turkey detox off of hydro and tramadol.  All I know is we can both do this.  I'm getting ready to go to my first aa/na meeting hoping it will help.  Godspeed my friend.
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Hello & welcome.
Gratz on your clean time.
How long were you on suboxobe and at what dose?
Did you taper or stop cold turkey?  
It is important to stay hydrated.
How are you feeling?
You need time to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
You're not going to feel well for a while. It's important to stay active, take vitamins, eat healthy.
Proteins fresh fruits and vegetables .
We're here for you.

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