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What were your w/d symptoms??

I posted this about a week ago.  If you could share your withdrawal symptoms it would help me.  I seem to be having bad lower abdominal cramps, gas, constipation and weight loss.  Anyone else have the same problems?
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I had a headache, clammy skin, massive runs, stomach gurgling, loss of apetite, anxiety at times, foggy feeling at times, depression, fatigue, cold like symptoms, and a need to be alone
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i forgot one..i call it ras (restless arm syndrome)
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Yep all of the above...  but the heart palpitations and anxiety (mostly about those) were the scariest part for me.
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same as u except i had heart palpitations,fever,rapid heart rate,chills.sweats,sneezing,watery eyes,runny nose,anxiety,no energy,rls,weight gain,shaky feeling,blurred vision.......good lord am i still alive?
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