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What would cause tingling in the face and numbness in the lips?

I have a question, I had a migraine 4 days ago, the next day I had tingling in the face and my lips were numb, my blood pressure was all over over the place. then day 2 the same thing and dizzyness, so today i called the dr. and they told me to go to the ER. Does anyone know what could cause this? could this be from cutting down the xanax too fast? Or an allergic reaction? Or something to do with the migraine, or even my nerves? I am very worried at this point.
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It sounds like when I do pheresis (platelet donation). My lips would tingle due to the lack of calcium and the sodium citrate that was infusing into me!  They would give me tums (Calcium supplement) to stop the symptoms...don't know if that helps or makes any sense?  Did you go to the ER? Coulld be hyperventilation?  If yoy stillhave this and haven't gone to the ER I would suggest you do that?  Let us know how it goes and feel better!
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Please go to the ER as your Dr suggested...I have had migrains in the past where I would get nubness/tingling..HOWEVER..the rest of it I am not sure about.
Could be nerves, could be anything. I am not thinking "severe" so please don't be scared..but do please go in and check..that will put your mind at ease once and for all...but please do go in!

Please post also when you find out what it is.
Good Luck and thinking of you..
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I read your other post below..maybe this is from the **** you received.??

Let us know soon as u know please!

Huggs hun
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i had a migrane for like week.. i thought it was becuased i had stoped smoking and i was having a craving, but then suddently right now i hav this constant tingling on the left side of my face including my lips.. im only 16 yearz old so what could it be .?

p.s. as i type the tingling is happening right nw ...

ani help would be greatly appriciated
thank you
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