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Whatever you do, don't get on Suboxone!!

I was a heroin addict for 8 years. Then I was on Methadone for 6 years and then Suboxone for 5 and believe it or not, the worst withdrawals were from suboxone, not the severity but the ridiculously long period of time I've gone thru withdrawals. I mean this is insane - it's been 2 months and I'm still sick!! I got off Methadone using codeine and I thought that took a long time but that was a cake-walk compared to this nightmare. I'm about ready to give up & go back on something, ANYTHING! If I had any hair I'd have pulled it all out by now! I still have insane anxiety (daily panic attacks) & depression that makes me want to jump off a cliff. I still have to take immodium every day for loose stools and my pupils are still huge. THIS SUUUUUUCKS!!! The reason I decided to get off it is because it was making me crazy. Before suboxone I was normal but now I've been diagnosed bipolar & OCD. I could feel the suboxone making me a little crazier each day, so I had to get off it. But now this! I wish I had never heard of Suboxone
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I'm sorry your withdrawls are torturing you. Unfortunately, if you are on opiates for 19 years straight, you are not going to have an easy time of it no matter what. What are you doing for recovery?
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