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What's the best medication for withdrawal related insomnia?

I've been prescribed damn near every drug imaginable for insomnia - none of them seem to really work for withdrawals. The sleep is still fitful even into the PAWS period. Here's my experience, please let me know if you have a better suggestion:

Trazadone: makes me extremely drowsy - get about a half-hour sleep, then RLS in my arms the rest of the night.

Mirapex: makes my arm RLS sort of go away, get hypersexuality followed by about an hour and a half of sleep, then wake up with my arms feeling hot and full like they're going to burst the rest of the night.

Lunesta: haven't tried it in withdrawals yet - it was effective normally, but I don't think it's as strong as Ambien.

Ambien: got some today - last time I took it I woke up at midnight, ate a bunch of ice cream and went for a walk. Not good. Going to give it another try tonight.

Clonidine: helps overall, gives me anywhere from 1/2 to 1 hour sleep, but I want to stay off of this because of the blood pressure issues.

Any suggestions for what the best mix is, especially for RLS in the arms? If my damn arms would just stop, I think I could sleep like a baby.
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Have you tried Requip? It in the same drug class as Mirapex. Be careful of the Ambien. It's a so called "Z" drug that has addictive properties and acts exactly like a benzo. You can get in trouble with these quickly if you have an addictive personality. How long have you been clean? You say that it's withdrawal induced, so I'm wondering how long you've been clean.
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sounds like your going through WD's with RLS

skip those pills and try malatonin and take 4-5 valarian root..........knocks me out  on those hard to snooze nights.
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I have been prescribed seroquel for sleep while I was wd I was on a 25mg dose. I have 70 days clean now and my dr. upped my dosage but I think it definately helped me get some sleep in the beginnig. I have wd before without anything but benadryl and got NO sleep with the seroquel I have been sleeping since I started it. I was wd from opiates I'm not sure what your situation is but I was told ambien has the opposite effects for someone coming off opiates so I wouldn't count on that,I have tried ambien and had no luck..Hang in there I hope you get some sleep!!: )
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Here is the thing not the best idea to being taking all sorts of drugs to get off of one. Some that are additive it defeats the purpose. I agree with whitie try some of the supplements with exercise in the long run alot of the above mentioned pills will make you feel more crappy then you already do.
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I have just came from a Detox hospital a week or so ago. I got a real education there and learned something that I never knew. I have taken pain meds for years from spine problems like L5/S1 fusion, DDD and then a implanted morphine pump.

Research Hyperalgesics, this is where your brain amplifies your pain enormously from discontinuing certain opiates and anxiety medications. What they did to me was immediately discontinue the use of Xanax, they said that this medication was the DEVIL FROM HELL. It has such a short Half Life, it goes into your system fast, and the effects of it leave very quickly as well that is why you have to keep taking it. They put me on Valium for me to get some rest and relaxation for 3 days, then changed it to Klonopin (clonazepam) after that. They say the half life of Klonopin is much better and longer than Xanax. They say you wouldn't believe the problems that Xanax creates in our society, I can attest to this personally. I have been doing much better since the medication was changed, but would like to quit taking it if all possible. I have read where a normal brain produces a naturally a substance, maybe it was serotonin, to thwart off anxiety. When you start taking Benzo's for anxiety, your brain quits producing this natural defense and it takes awhile for your brain to wake up or get back to working right. This has been the worst thing I have ever went through by attempting to quit taking this medication. I have had amplified pain, and terrible sleepless nights and I think a lot of my issues are a result of the oral pain medications that I have taken over the years. You would never think that something that is supposed to assist or help you could turn into your worst enemy. Hope this helps and I am open to any comment as to how to overcome this dependency, I see my doctor in 3 days, so I will hopefully know more then.

Please add any comments if you have any suggestions as to how to quit taking any type of Benzo's permanently.
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Yeah, benzo's are the devil. I'm hoping like hell I'm not hooked on Valium. I've been off it for two days, but it has a 200 hour half-life (read 8.2 days) so I don't know for sure yet. The ones with long half lives (Valium aka Diazepam specifically) are the best to taper off with. Here's the absolute best site I've found on Benzo tapering. This lady knows her stuff. Check out the chart that has the dose comparison for the different benzos. It's an eye-opener.

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