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When do withdraws begin?

Hi all. I posted on another thread, everyone was so kind and supportive. I was wondering when withdraw begins? Been on Norco 14-20 a day. I am 16 hours in and it's not too bad, a little achy. I have been taking multi vitamins and a clonazepam and a neurontin. I was going to go the store later and get stuff for Thomas recipe. (Stores aren't open yet). Was wondering when the bad stuff starts. Thanks again for all the support. Have a great day, all of you Angels.
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Remember that anything that you take is going to take the effects of withdrawal away. Not all, but some. I have been taking neurontin too, but only at night to sleep. Even then I am getting about five hours a night. I also take supplements and vitamins to help. It should peak in about a day or so and then it will rage for a while. Then slowly subside. The only problem I have now really is the sleep and RLS in my arms. I am conflicted in my own mind on whether to take more prescriptions to stop the sleeplessness, or any of the symptoms really. I want everything to come back naturally, but I know I can't function with two kids and three others that I watch for the plus hours a day if I don't sleep. Consider what I am saying when you decide to take more chemicals to offset the withdrawals. And good luck on your journey!!!
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I believe the w/d are different for everyone as far as length and depending on what your coming off of.  My w/d didn't hit until day 5 (the real ****) and then lasted for a week.  I'm on day 22 and starting to feel better.  When i asked the same question when i started i got multiple answers. U need to find someone w/ the same drug issue. I had 1 person tell me roughly 3 weeks and he was right.  Every drug is different.  The people on this site know what their talking about, so use them.  Good luck and post when the **** is hitting the fan, it does help!
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