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When does it get better?

I am on day 1 of stopping the use of vicodin. I have been using for about a year. I was diagnosede with stage 4 endometriosis in 1999 and was able to take pain meds as needed unill last year. Thats when the pain started getting really bad. I had surgery for the 5th time three weeks ago and finally admitted to myself that I have a problem last week.  It has altered my whole sense of myself. I was once a fun energetic happy girl. Now I feel lost within myself and have no idea where to turn? I'm looking for so many answers and have only told 1 person about my addiction. I feel it in my heart that by being on here I can find some sense of hope. I go on Monday for a evaluation due to the fact I have lost my job over this "devil" of a drug. I feel like my heart is racing, I am getting the goose bumps off and on. My legs feel week and I have NO energy!!!! I am a mother a wonderful 14 year old. I have to function. Please help me how to cope with this. Inpatient detox is NOT an opition for me at this time.
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Hi~  You're in it now and it will be ABOUT 2 weeks until you actually feel better. The firast 5 days are tough...like having a bad flu.  It gets better after that but so much depends on YOU.    Set your mind to getting better. Get prepared for the detox. Be sure you have everything you need NOW because you won't want to go out for a few days.   Read the health pages,upper right for The Thomas recipe.  You'll need those vitamins and amino acids.  Be sure you have water,juices,apples and bananas. Get some protein drinks and soups.  Eat toast. Drink lots of water. Get Immodium.
Hot baths help to sooth chills and sore muscles.   You'll need to lean on your son a bit and you should also have an adult to help you out.

Post back with any questions~

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Welcome to the forum and congrats on your first day of freedom. It will be tough for a few days, but worth the price to be clean and have a clear head again. If you look in the top right of this page you will see health pages. In there is the thomas recipe and amino acid protocal, they have helped many during detox.

How many vicodin are you coming off of per day? Stick around here, it's a great support group and we all understand. Best of luck, you can do this:)
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At this point you are not feeling this but you have no idea on what an awesome move you have just made!!  I took vics for about 4 years and stopped on may 19.  Cold turkey(ct)  I went through the withdrawls (wds) and it sounds like you are as well....I had ZERO energy...no energy to even think.  I had the diareah..my legs would not sit still(rls)..I could not get comfortable at all..my muscles ached..I cried for about 4 days...then it gradually got better.  I was done living a life chained to a bottle of pills...watching my kids grow up while I am high!   This site is very helpful while going through what you are about to..Hang in there it gets better..
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