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When will the anxiety/panic attacks go away?

I am having major anxiety/panic attacks.  It is day 9 for me.  I feel really good physically...sleep is a little weird...I feel like I am in a light dream state all the time....but I can deal with that.  Sweats are going away...but still cold....

BUT I have major anxiety and panic attacks.  I can't watch anything sad on TV I can't deal with it.  Last night I was watching 60 min and go upset.  I feel like I am pregnant (I am not) and my emotions are out of control.  

We are going through a lot of financial things right now and it is NOT helping.  I have no desire pain pills. Infact, I had dream last night that I found 6 vicodin in my wallet...the long lost ones I was looking for before....and I didn't want them....I gave them away...not sure why I gave them away...I would flush..but it is a dream....

Anyhoo...no desire for pills but just want this anxiety to go away.  What can I take if anything for it?  Any supplement? My book isn't here yet "End the addiction Now".  I have ativan but do not want to take it.  I refuse to EVER go through w/d again.

I want to feel normal..but then I remember "what is normal" I was never this happy, bubbly person....I feel scared right now.  
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Please read my journal entries.  I went through this BIG TIME !!!!!!  It was so bad, and cannot even begin to articulate how glad I am to have lived through it.  While that may sound bad, what I mean to say is that not only can I relate to you, but I DID GET THROUGH it!!  For me it was a long haul, but I was on a really high dose of a really really powerful drug for a long time.  The time will be different for everyone.  I was absolutely petrified that either I'd never get through it, or that'd it would never go away.  I'm happy to tell you that not only did I live through it, I'm my old self again!  I missed me, and I'm damned glad to be back.

You can do it,

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I know, it is scary. Mine went away after the first two weeks. I still have days that I get anxiuos but not like at first. It will pass. You seem to have other stressing things in your life that are not helping the situation. It's best to find something to do with your hands. That helped me. I played games and was on this forum a lot. And exercised.

What kind of person were you before pills?

Look in GoingtoMakeit's jouranls for the amino acid supplements.
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Congrats on the 9 days!!  I know about the intense feelings. There was a period of time during the first month that I cried alot too. But I just kept on saying "This too shall pass" and it did. Maybe 4 days I'm not sure.
Every day gets better for sure.
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you were numb to emotions for so long that you are now on emotion overload.  your brain doesn't know how to handle it.  it will pass, and you will be glad to have feelings again.

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Thanks so much. I will read your journal Jaqui......

Mimi...you have been so kind to me since day 1. Honestly, if it wasn't for you that first day I came here I probably would have left.  I am proud of you being on day 27.
As far as what kind of person I was.....well.....I do know that I had soooo much more patience with my daughter when she was an infant (and she was a VERY and is very demanding little tyke).  My son is the polar opposite.  Very mellow...thank god.  I want to be the person that could be up most of the night for a year and still keep my cool (well most of the time anyway....occasional break down). I don't want to be snappy anymore.....but I also don't want to be this bag of mush either....I will be glad when this feeling of impeding doom goes away...

Thanks everyone....
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I'm here whenever you need me, anytime of day.

You will be that person again, but better. You'll appreciate things more.
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I went through major depression aniexty whatever you want to call it for 6 months. your brain has to change it's way of thinking and all of this takes time. It will get better and you will be "normal" again even better than you can imagine. Just keep pushing forward I know this is a very scary time for you and all that are going through this.
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I feel the same,
My daughter is 4 months, almost, and is usually so happy and content and for some reason for the last 5 days has been fussy constantly and it's causing me to physically shake.  It's hard!  I have anxiety just over doing a load of laundry!  I can't take it!  I feel like an a$$, until I read that I'm not the only one.  Not saying you are al  a$$es too, but we're going through the same stuff.  it sucks.  I hope it gets better.  I've always been kinda high anxiety.  THat's why I limit caffiene, that doesn't help me these days.  I think I need Xanax or something for attackss, but I don't EVEN wanna go there....
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I'm tellin' ya I was a freakin' basket case.  I can't even begin to recount it here.  If you need the gorey details, just check my journal entries.  I think I started writing at 9 days and it got way worse for a while.  I finally did get my butt some Xanax and Ambien CR 'cause I truly needed it.  No sleep and severe panic sucks like nobody's business.  I don't feel like a failure for gettin' it either.  I'm most happy to say that I didn't even need it for more than a couple of days either.  It just gave the strength to fight off the worst of it, and as it turns out, the anxiety beast was on it's death bed anyway.  I'm beating that dead dog as it lies cold on the ground too.  A couple of kicks wouldn't hurt either.  
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Flutterby...I have always been a high anxiety person as well.  That is why I liked the pills.  I do have ativan but i am fighting taking one.  I hear you can go through w/d after like a week of taking them...like one a day.....no thank you.  I hope you feel better soon. I know you are in pain too....that is NOT easy with a baby.  Oh and my baby got an ear infection the day I started w/d.  He was sooooo whiney...I just knew something was wrong...so I had to take him to the doc.  It is weird how everything hits at once....

Jacqui.....I don't blame you for getting ambien and xanax. I do have ambien and take that some nights.  I try not to very often.  Even though I don't think you can become "addicted" to it....I know you can become "dependent" on ambien...don't want that....but the insomnia does NOT help the anxiety......
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You go!  Hey, I have some Xanax still that I got for flying, for some reason they thought I needed 30--???  I'm just nervous about switchin up addictions at this point...but I TOTALLY feel ya.  It's better to take something the few times you may need to than snap on loved ones or yourself. I might have to dive into your journal here....  Like I've mentioned before, i wish I'd known about this place and the "Thomas Recipe" while I was going through W/D's because if I'd thought I wasn't going to die taking one more pill, I'd certainly taken a Xanax...but I literally was afraid that I was dying.  WOuldn't even go to sleep because i was afraid my kids would wake to a dead mother and my husband was working late....scary business.....  I guess I'd rather have my physical pain (headaches) right now than the W/Ds...all about perpective, right?
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You know, I'm a nervous, anxious type of person too. I wonder if this predisposes us to addictive behaviors?
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Hi girls!  Pre-pills me was very far from the nervous, anxious type. The normal me is laid back, easy going, nothing bothers me type (to a fault). So addiction is for everyone.

Watermom: Way to go day 9 !! Don't worry, all the anxiaty attacks will go away. I got them too, keep thinking I was have a heart attack or something because anxiaty was something I was never really familiar with. But watch for depression or anxiaty lasting to long or getting severe. Lets say past a month. If it does continue, go see a doctor and get on something short term. I think our bodies sometimes will need an adjustment or kick start.  
Jacqui: I remember how bad off you were not to long ago. I was really worried about you. But it sounds like your doing great now.  Way to go for you too!!!
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hi i have been having panic attacks and anxiety they are very scaryi just had enuf of them now i want it to go away i been suffereing fromit for a month nw sometime i have them fr no reson and this thing anxiety and panic attaks are just sunk in my head im always thinking when it gna go or when is the next one gna happen or y im having them i raelly want someone to understand me will yhey go away from me forevere and when and how plz tell me im new on here my daer people i want advice thnx x
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plz people read my article and plz help me so i can feel better coz i keep thinking im the only one that suffering and want someone who had this problem to assure me tha im not gna hav it for ever and it will go away xxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi, saima... for sure, you are not alone on what you are feeling . You are on the substance abuse forum, i would advice you to post your question on the anxiety forum, here :


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Hey guys, I just turned 13, and I've been having this panic attack/anxiety thing for almost a year now, AND I AM SO GLAD I FOUND AN ANSWER TO THIS AND IM SO HAPPY THAT IM NOT ALONE!! I've been having these strange feelings kind of like my life isn't real, or it's just kind of a dream. I also don't feel like myself. I'm just so confused and I seriously need some help.
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I also forgot to mention that i have a life ahead of me, and i don't want to waste this precious time feeling like crap.
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hi your best bet is to tell your parents about this they can get you in for a phyic eval and find out if you have any underlying conditions that are causing this this can be from a  million things you need to get a grasp on it will your still young it will only get worst if you dont so talk with your parents and tell them what your feeling get to a phyic dr and let them decide what and if you need meds to help you out with this there are many nonaddictive meds for stuff like this if they offer them steer clear of benzos there bad news in the long run good luck and im glad you found our forum for help.........Gnarly
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I have recently gotten my first anxiety attack three nights ago, and ever since then I've been constantly getting it and I've gone to the er once because I thought I was going to die. I'm thinking of going to a therapist for some help but I try not to take my mess because I want to be able to learn how to deal with anxiety and get rid of it.
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Hi anybody there ..?? need some help ..
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I'm awake. What's going on? Don't know if I can help but I can listen for sure.
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