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Where Did Hippee's Post Go?

Hey guys sorry to waste a question, but here goes...Where is Hippee's answer to a question someone asked about Children's pre-disposition to be addicts? A few of us posted reply's and I wanted to check on the thread and its gone........Love Debbie
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ya i noticed that it disappeared,
i figured someone did not like it so they
just nixed it.
oh , well.
my post said that as parents who are addicts
our examlpe is the most important thing
in raising them.
and also no to star them young with fixing them with
things when they are in emotional pain, such as when they
are upset we want to get them some icecream and a movie and a toy.
i was saying we have to ster clear of fixining them in this type of way.
they should learn to work through pains of life and not
be taught to run to an escape like icecream and a movie,
because when they get older that type of example turns into
a teenager looking for a beer and a joint and some sex to make them feel better.
sex and beer have there place in life but to use then as an escape from life is not the way to live.
the lesson we need to teach our children is resposnabilty and maturity. and dealing with life on lifes terms.
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I have never talked with you before, but that was excellent advice. Thanks for sharing.
Hope to meet you.
Take care,
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Thanks Cindy for allowing me to grow here for a year now. It has been life changing for me. I have met lifelong friends here and have learn that this life isn't all about me. So thanks for putting up with all my **** this past year, it was worth every warning, Thanks
I have been through the worst time in my life and the only support I have gotten through all this is been from the people I met here. You know who you are and to everyone I say Thank God I got this site when I searched 'addiction', Thanks Cindy and thanks friends ...peace, Bill
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Hey there, I loved your post. It was written very well and I whole heartedly agreed with you. I don't know if you got to see but a bunch of us responded to you. I guess you hit a nerve since we all have kids. Well guys its over tomorrow. I guess I need to go to ezboard......see you all there. Debbie
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I printed the advice out to help with my teenage daughter and let her read it.  She thinks it and you and the help I get from here is awsome AND SHE WANTS ME TO CONTINUE WITH SOME OTHER FORUM. hHOPE TO MEET UP WITH YOU ALL SOON! Much thanks to all from me and her too!
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is at ez board go to www.ezboard.com andgo to ther fourm search
awe at med help go to one is
withdrawl and pain addiction  withdrawl help and support

good luck

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for anyone who would like my email
just in case someone need some help or has a question.


keep america beautiful stay clean
and for all the chronic pain members
i hope and pray that your pain gets better and easier to deal
with,with severe pain never lose hope  that it will improve and you will find an answer
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Hey guys .... I know I said goodbye already. I still can't believe they are shutting this place down. I guess we all talk too much and post too much and I guess there are just too many of us ...(smile) I just wanted to post the address to the Ultram Board for anyone that might have missed it ...
" http:forum.onecenter.com/thegoldenone" my email is ***@**** ... it's nice to hear from all of you.
Again good luck to everyone. I am 33 days off ultram and going strong ... hang tough, and stay kool, Goldie
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and still posting, i hope everyone is doing and feeling well
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Thanks to all that helped me here. I am so bummed to see this site go. I am a new poster at ezboard, but the boards never seem to be as active as this one is. Hopefully that will change with time or we will get med help back.Maybe I just havent met up with all of you at the other boards yet. I will definitely continue trying to keep in touch with all of you no matter what it takes as almost every person here came forward and helped me  to give a nice word or super helpful advice. Thanks again to everyone for everything. Best of luck to all on their journey to sobriety. Melissa
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don't be bummed, things may change,
you may want to go to ezboard and go to thier addiction support fourms

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