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Where do I get Vitadone? Whats the best brand??

I am on Methadone, coming down 2 mgs a week with occasional pauses to allow my body to catch up. Currently on 53 mgs, down from 150 mgs, been on since 2010. Just had a baby 7 MThs ago. I am looking into taking Vitadone vitamins for health reasons and side affects I am suffering with, Sweating in the face, sugar craving, inability to concentrate, etc... My questions are : 1-Whats the best brand? and 2- where do I purchase Vitadone, and do I need a prescription?( I doubt since its a vitamin)  ???? Please help...thank you all who respond quickly so I can get started.....God Bless you!!
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I got my  Vitadone from my methadone clinic, but I also found something called Nutridone  (which is the same thing) on a website call quick2u...I think. Ive been taking it for years and it seemed to help. I'm on my 1st day of detox and actually still took it this morning, hoping it will help.
U can buy it online at amazon or the site for vitadone thsts nice the clinic giave u it ours doesnt even tell u about it !
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Hi well I have heard of this stuff but dont know if it works  as for your taper getting tuff try a proven vitamin..get up to walmart and pick up a 3 in 1 vitamin calcium magnesium zinc it is only 6 bucks and it works wonders for methadone withdrawal take 4 with breakfast and 4 with dinner in a couple of days you will see a big improvement in how you feel this will replace what the methadone has drained for you body I was on 150 and tapered down I also had withdraws here and there threw out my taper I found the vitamin searching the internent I only wish I had found it sooner your taper sound like a good one  if your feeling the withdrawal wait a few days b/4 you drop ...just know this is very doable just because your feeling it now does not mean you will feel it later I had several times went into some very uncomfortable withdrawals only to have them go away and hit 20mg later we will help you threw this keep posting for support .........................................Gnarly............................
I have a daughter is trying to get off. She is at 35 right now.  Is this vitamin get for anyone, no matter weight size?  She is not a very big person.  Do you think she would need that much?  She has been going down for 4 years.  Any help would be appreciated. Shirl
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Yes, the  cal/mag/zinc that Gnarly mentioned really works great for the withdrawls. Probs a lot better than the Vitadone. I
Do you think she needs 4 at a time?
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Was it the Dr at the methadone clinic that gave u the vitadone
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Im going on 5 days with no methadone and i just take what the vitamin bottle says to take and im fine. I also eat super healthy and only drink water. Your body can only absorb/digest so many nutrients at a time tho but the idea is to flood your system.
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How is your detox going?? I've been on m-done for 10 years and am scared to death of getting off of it.  Tried several times with horrible horrible results.  I was just hoping to hear a positive story that someone got off it.


Hello, booosh there are alot of positive stories relating to getting off methadone on here. I am one of those stories, i believe i am 145 days clean, havent checked my tracker and stopped really counting the days awhile ago. It is very possible to get off i was on it for 8 years, there are a few keys to success, 1 being taper as low as you can, and do it slowly , 2 start taking vitamins and supplements before you plan to do the taper, Stay positive , it wont be easy but nothing worth doing is , and the most important is a support group, the first 30 days are hit and miss with bad and good days, but you start coming around after that , i never felt better in my life since coming off of it. There are alot of seasoned members who have come off of this horrid drug, Stick around start your own thread so we can help you thru this.
God Speed
Hey m8 they've successfully detoxed about 40people at my support place since Jan this year. It's more than possible. I've been on dethamone for a long time but my plan is to reduce down to around 15ml daily then switch over to subutex (suboxone) then just reduce that, go to groups, then when I come off subbys I plan to stay at a spa for a week and just get massages and Jacuzzis :) I know loads of people who've successfully come off methadone by switching to subs. Good luck! You can and will do it!
Hay I have done it successfully! Bit hard at times but I have a few questions for brother. To start slower Is better. If u can do 2mg every other week try' but if that becomes discomfortable ✋! Balance out then try 1mg decrease every other week. That worked best ones I hit around 50mg. I stopped for a month at that point. Then begain again. I have much more to tell like lifestyle tips vitamins and ****' just let me know if u are interested in talking? I also have Stoped Methadone cold Turkey it was hellish but that leads to relapsing a month later after all that work. U got to do it right brother!
I have been on methadone for 15 years and have detoxed myself down from 120 to 40. Now I’m starting to feel extremely tired,achey and drained.
I don’t take vitamins but am open to any help anyone on here could help me with.. I just wanna be free of this medicine can anyone offer any suggestions on what to do next and how to keep going and feeling better?
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Wow I love hearing the success stories. Currently at 60mg going down from 100mg. I have gotten a generic version of Vitadone and when I have used it I felt energy. My question is... anybody know Methadone ever get and feel extremely hot probably 50 to 60% of the time? Even when it is cold and everyone else around you is cold but you still feel hot? My fiance is on and going down methadone too but he does not have the always feeling over heated side effect. I am female but idk I that has anything to do with it. Some nights even it being winter (in Texas but still cold in the low 40s at night) I will have you have the window open and only a sheet over me. And my fiance kind of has to deal with it. And then almost always if I am out at a store or something I will start sweating. It's extremly embarrassing. And I have tried dressing in tanks and try to get air flow thru to me but I still sweat. It is driving me insane! And then my fiance feels my body and says it feels normal. Or cold. And I do not have fevers ever unless of course I am sick. Does anyone else have this problem on methadone? Or have any idea what it could be?
its typical. but vitadone is supposed to stop or slow this excessive sweating. i sweat the moment the temp goes 1 single degree over 60 so everywhere i go. im starting vitadone TODAY. Its well known for helping with the hot flashes, sweating and sugar cravings....heres hoping!!
I go through the same thing I excessively sweat which is completely embarrassing I also overheat even in 10 degree weather I'm hoping the vitadone or nutridone will help so you're not alone
My doc told me about a deodorant y,day that stops sweat, it's a deodorant n is probs not recommended 4 face etc but right now, on 93ml n seemingly the only person in my postcode 2 have this problem!! Its called - Aluminum chloride hexahydrate, ( Anhydrol folte). Word for word, haven't tried this yet but u can get it at Boots the chemist n probably a lot more places if outside the UK!!
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Methadone is a beast, to be sure.....when it comes to reducing. I aim to transfer to buprenorphine- after far too long on methadone- It is at that low level now where it is tempting to ''borrow'' from tomorrow's dose, just to feel a bit more energy..so looked up vitamins online.
The patented 'Vitadone' is not available in UK -and has to be imported at vast expense- so won't be doing that at today's exchange rates.. but will instead try the generic supplements above..and see if they help at all with the ''urrgh'' lack of energy feeling of cutdowns. [with twitchy muscles]
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