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Who are all the new members?

Who are all the new members?   Where did all the senior members go?  I miss reading your posts......

Anyone watch the Sopranos?
Anyone watch Survivor?

Peace to all, Chitowngirl
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Hello I am a new member.  I posted 3 days ago on my day 1 from a 3 years, 10 Lorcet/day habit which wrecked havoc on my life in many ways, as I indicated in my first post.  This is my first CT.  Unfortunately, I am in deep South America, and there is no GNC, so I cannot gather up any of the Recipe ingredients, lest some might me sold in a pharmacy.  On the positive side, I also cannot come by any more hydro for the craving, since my supply was in the USA. Therefore I will not cave in. I will be back in the USA in 20 days, and will be well enough off the miserable addiction by then.

My problem is the usual. I am better than days 1 and 2, but I do not sleep, with a feeling like insects are under my skin, I have a pounding headache, a terrible metallic "taste" in my nostrils (WHAT is that??), sneezing, and chronic diarreah (sp?). I have tried aspirin, but it does not help much.

Fortunatel, my job situation allows me to "hide" for a few days, but on Friday I must re-enter the world, on day 4, and I am worried. I crave so badly a hydro, but I never want to see another one again.  I can picture what my poor organs must look like.

In a while I am going to a Raike session for at least some inner peace.

Good luck to all, ready these pages is really helping a lot.
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I am with you today is day 11 and actually I feel pretty good
now its mental I would love a lortab or 6 but i dont want to go back all your nose problems are normal for sleep try over the counter sleep aids I was able to find a addiction dr in my area that works out of his office i walked away with 6 scrips some for sleep some for those creeps you feel and something for those stomach cramps I feel bad for you I now were you are the aching will start to go away around 11 12 days and your right nothing stops the hurting.  good luck to you keep in touch
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I feel for you.Day 3 was the worst but it does get better.Im at day 6 and I can tell you that it's a million times better than day 3.Good that you dont have access to hydros,that is a great help.Sorry you cant get the things you need to help with the withdrawl.Honestly,after day 3,I no longer took the stuff from gnc but I am fortunate,I am a stay at home mom and didn't have to face the world.Lucky for the world lol Keep posting,this place has made more difference in my withdrawl than I can say.Your on the right road.Good luck and God bless

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Now is a good time for you to take plenty of hot baths or showers.  Do not under estimate the value of hot baths for reducing the muscle aches and the hibbie jibbies that you are feeling.  Best of all you can have as many as you want per day.

BTW: just found out I am probably going to be going to Brazil on business...  How is South America....

You said you were a big Tolkin LOTR fan.  I have been re-reading it recently and GOLUM (sp) is a great metaphor for addiction.  Just a thought....

Hang in there...You are going through the hardest part...Soon it will all be just moving into full on recovery phase...

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i've e-mailed you a couple of times...not heard back...hope all it well
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that me new to the site and new to this feeling of where and how can i get lortab but i wont its all mental now I loved going to dinner with 6 lortab to the store to get gas for all things now when I have dinner I think its not the same to high just dinner keep in touch
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I miss your posts too. You were one the "active" posters when I was lurkin'.

I actually watched the soprano's, once, after one of your posts. LOL

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I am just now a new member. One thing I am kinda worried about is the only recovering I hear in this forum is script drugs. (which only solves half the problem.) Has anyone been helped getting rid of those other pesky addictions?

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We all have had different addictions.My last was 'script' addiction but I am 44 years old and have had the other type also.
We can't help you unless you tell us what it is you need.
This is an addict to addict forum.We all, whether from the doctors office or from the street or from the whiskey bottle are here for the same reasons.We are addicts.If we can help post your story.And Welcome!!   bmac
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Addicts are addicts, are addicts, hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm are addicts.

Yeah, your in the right place!!!

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Been on here one week.  Addicted to stadol nasal apray.  Not much help here though. but the general info is very very helpful. Just not others with my specific problem or drug of choice i should say.  I'm still using and will run out soon and then go through withdrawal.  
Take care all.
Keep payin attention to that angel on yur shoulder!
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Well, Whew. Ok. I have pretty much always smoked pot and drank occasionally. Not enough to really be considered an addict. I need help getting of the crank though.(Meth) I have smoked and snorted (no needles for me) for about a year. I have lost about 50 pounds and went from a size 37 waist to a 30. I once stayed awake for 11 day's straight.(no eating) When my body gave out and I went to sleep, I awoke two days later. (this was early september) I decided it was time to stop. I tried on my own but always found myself holding the foil. What should I do?

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I have only snorted crank once in my life.A few years ago,but I remember it very well.It was like I was speeding but was high at the same time.I think alot of cocaine I have done in the past was cut with it.I did alittle reseach before replying back to you and the symptoms you will go thru stopping this drug is the exact same things we as narcotic addicts go thru.I read several websites on this drug and everyone listed the longterm side effects of using crank.(Meth)They run parallel with opiate addiction and withdrawals.They say there isn't any withdrawals
from the drug but you will go thru the same physical and most important the mental ****.That's the part that always drags you
back to it.Same for us,narc addicts.So you have come to the right place.Their are doctors and websites that you can go to,
to understand your problem more.We can help with the mental stuff believe me.After reading these reports I have learned that
crank,crack and cocaine abuse is very simular to opiate addiction
to the brain.Hang tuff and let's see if some crank user can come to your aid.If not I will do my best to find more info about it.
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Thanks alot for the support. It feels good to have someone trying to help me out. The worst park about crank is when your coming down. Not necissarily the aches and pains themselves, but the money they make you spend to get back up and rid of the pain. You said you've snorted it once. I dont reccomend the foil if your trying to stay away from addiction. It's a monster. My pill addictions though, I still find myself taking: valium, an occasional hydro, concerta, Dan/Dan's, Lortab, and flexeril. Anymore advice???

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Hi I had an experience similar to becc. I was on methadone about 5 years and took about a year and a half to tapper down from 75 mgs to 3mgs. I was horrified to discover after coming down so slowly to such a tiny amount that I had withdrawal.
It has been a week now and I still feel badly.
any Ideas?
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We are all in the same boat. This sh$# sucks huh.

The "recipe" will help with the withdrawls somewhat. It is a vitamin cocktail, for lack of a better word.

Jsmith - just posted it again under the thread with Queen Hydro.

Take a look, let us know whats up.
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Sorry I am unable to help. I haven't ever really been addicted to meth. I have done it a few times. I know that is some hard stuff. Especially the lag time from when you quit to when you get your energy back is REAL hard. Nothing is impossible though.

My sister lost 4 years of her life to it. She has been off of it for a couple years now.

You can do it too.

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I posted here a couple days ago on my way out of lortabs, and I'm now on day 4. Downfall.....I've only cut my intake from 7 or 8 a day down to 2. The 1st 2 days were still Hell though. I actually slept last night. This weekend, though, I'm going to go without. It's just that at work, I HAD to have one to get me through the day. Then, the one after work was completely uncalled for, and I'm pissed right off at myself for taking it, b/c I really wasn't craving it that much. Still happy that the amount I've had over a 4 day period was the amount I normally had in one day. A week or so from now, i'm thinking i should be done. The w/d sucked at first....no sleep,legs twitching,etc... I hope everyone is getting through ok here. Sounds like some are, and I"m glad to see the ones who could do it CT. Wasn't for me I guess. Thanks for the support folks, and I'll check in with all on weekend probably. Peace!!
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You gonna leave us hangin' till this weekend?
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good for you I also love lortab but have been off now for 13 days actually i feel good I tried tapering off but when were addicts I am not sure we can do that if its there we want I went to a addiction dr worked right from a office visit i left with 6 scrips for all are withdrawl symptons better then going cold turkey for me I wish you well
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I've posted a few times...

It's already a month that I've detoxed from 'darvocets' ... 15/day or so....

I thought I was feeling a little better; whent the withdrawals seems to re-return; I don't get it...

I'm talking about aches and pains (bad for 3 days); sniffles; hard getting to sleep....I took one walk on Monday when I thougt my energy was coming back...but I've been suffering ever since..

I worry I'm going to relapse because I feel so bad after a month...still

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I guess I'm still new...day 24...how long till you're a veteran?

How are you doing Allisa????

Hey Chezz...e-mail soon to you...have you heard from Jeff?

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I tried to become a new member about a month ago but nobody responded...Oh well, I am adidicted to Ultram and have been for the last 6 years. It sucks to be so powerless over a little white pill. I wish everyone here goodluck with thier struggles.
God bless.
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Great name!!!There are several people here than know a lot about
Ultram.Being the weekend most are away doing what addicts do,
whatever that is for them.I am sure you will get some help with this drug.It has come up many times the past few weeks.Just keep posting and do it at the top,even if you are changing the subject.No one will mind,believe me.There isn't enough new question threads each day so we just jump in there.
                     hang tuff!!
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