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Why has no-one told me about Immodium and W/D?

If you care about my back-story....then you can read up....I got clean, had surgeries....got clean again.then another surgery...another couple months of painkillers...

I have gotten sick of this...and I am sick of the horrible Withdrawals...

Living like this is maddening.

The other Day at a NA meeting...a man brought up using Immodium to stave off the WithDrawls...he had a 100-150mg a day Oxy Habit...he said he used 15-20 mg of Immodium three times per day the first three days and his WDs were reduced to almost nothing...he said he was still in the mental fog of it...and didn't get high...but after three days he reduced to 10 mg then 5 for a week..and quit with just the lingering 2nd week side effects.

I am not sure what to say..or how to even approach this....

I have been taking 7-12 ten MG hydro per day.....last night at 9 pm...I took my last ten mg hydro...at 10 pm I took 20 mg of Immodium..went to bed..woke up at 6 am with no withdrawls just tired and foggy took another 20 mg...and woke up at 9 am...since then I Have been consipated as expected, foggy and lethargic...the rest of the Withdrawals are not really there...I am not sure what to say...I am speechless....because I never in a million years expected this...

the main ingredient in it...is 2mg of liperomade...it is a opioid that cannot cross the BBB in large amounts...it said to be as strong as morphine..however it attaches to MU receptors all over the body...hence the lack of Withdrawals...it is said to be mildly addictive and to cause opiate like WDs in people with long term use..but only mild.

I have read hundreds of amazing stories claiming the same thing all over the internet.

I know most who haven't used this would skeptical...but I will take a few days of constipation for relief from hell.
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i tried it once!!!! It didn't work  for me except for diarrhea .Maybe it will for you .
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I have just taken the last of my pain meds.. perc 10's. I will be starting my journey of detox tomorrow. I was going to buy the immodium anyway because it is recommended by others on this site for the diareah part of the withdrawals... but now I would be interested in seeing if it will now work for my other withdrawal symptoms as well. I am very scared about starting the physical part of this whole deal. Even when I go for 3hrs from my last dose of pain meds, I can FEEL the w/d's starting.. mild, but nonetheless there. the longest I've gone without is 18hrs and part of that time I am sleeping (thru the night) and when I wake up in the morning I feel so bad until my meds kick in. Well tomorrow I will not have that option, I will be waking up w/o any pain meds to take. that does scare me. I will give that immodium a try and post back about how it worked for me, if at all. Thanks for the info on that..hope it keeps working for you.
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How much have you been taking?

I read some guys taking 1 gram of heroine per day use pretty high amounts to stave off WDs...like 80 mg twice a day or more....that is a ton and could really back you up.

I read a lot of guys took 20mg or so three times per day with a lower habit.

you won't feel cured..but it should take a massive edge off.

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I know...after 2-3 hours I WD even with huge doses....It's absurd.
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If that question was directed towards me.. are you asking how much meds I take per day? If that's what you are asking me, I was taking anywhere from 100-140mg of oxycodone per day, but usually it was more towards the higher end. At one point, the last week of May, I was taking about 200-220mgs... but had to wean down from that because I didn't have both percs and oxy anymore... just the percs. I will definitely try the immodium to alleviate even the slightest w/d symptoms.
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I dunno, immoddium worked wonders for the poo blasters. As far as making other symptions disappear, meh. Never worked for me. Hopefully it works for y'all.
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Well i am going on Day 12 CLEAN (taking 70 mg's per day due to pain /surgery/.etc)
And I will tell you... Immodium did jack for me.
You are lucky.  I still can sleep for only 2-4 hours per MORNING. I can't sleep until after 5-6 a.m.
I am cranky miserable and extremely depressed. I want to feel happy again.

Good for you tho.
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How much did you guys take?
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