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Why is my methadone metabolite only in my urine but not positive for methadone?

I just Lost getting 4 take homes a week, because I was told I had the methadone metabolite but not testing positive for methadone itself. I take my medicine every day at the same time, and have been on methadone now for 4 years now. And apparently this has happened more than once to my drug screen. . . I know I did nothing wrong. I could use answers to make this right.
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I can relate my clinic just told me t-e same thing and I don't understand it one of bit. I've heard of no metabolies but not this. So confused. But you can't argue with them because they don't make mistakes. Wrong!!! They make a lot!
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I really wish I had the answer.  Clinics make it so hard to ask simple questions.   This is an article that sort of touches on the technical aspects of this:  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2801695/  Basically, are they accusing you of not taking your methadone?
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