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Why is no one talking to me?

How come no one is talking to me? No one has responded to me at all. Oh please, someone say something to me. I feel alone, scared, sick...you name it. :-(
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Hey I hope you feel better. I'm day 4 myself so still hurtin you can do it, if you want to talk PM me.
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Hey kirsten....

Whats going on?

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Sorry for not responding.  What is your story? PLease explain.
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if you look down the list, it will say "Back again" or something like that. :-(
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Sometimes it just takes a little while to hear from someone, but we are all here and ready to help you as much as anyone else here.
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Sorry, just feeling bad right now....just wanna know I"m not alone here on this side of the keyboard. :-)
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you sure ain't alone i PM'd ya.
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hey, I'm on day 4. :( I guess I'm getting a little better... I'll go read your other post. must've missed it, sorry...and ttys!!
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Sorry about this.  I know how you feel.  My first time posting, I didn't get responses either.  But then I learned when people logged on here the most.

This is a passion for us, so trust me when I tell you that you're not being ignored.

I'll look for your other post.
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Sweetie, You're not alone. Like enemy said there are times when its busier.

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You are never by yourself. Always feel free to pm. I know you can do it this time. Day by Day. I do feel for how you are doing. Please keep us in your loop  Jesus is the Man!!!
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kristen ,
you do have to give people a bit of time ,it can get a bit slow about the time people are going from work to home .We are all here to help you ..... There is tons of support here you can get threw this :)
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Hi - just wanted to let you know that a lot of people are still traveling home from work, and getting their dinner -- be patient.  Many will be here to talk to you soon.
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We are all here for you. Again, share your story with us. It help a lot and we would like to be able to guide you thru expectations of W/D's etc.

PS Enemy you are my hero! You resond to almost EVERY post i read up on.

This site can/will help you --- we're here 24/7 and we ALL CARE
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Hey you are not alone in this at all. Right now there are people all over the world that are going through the exact same thing that you are.

Pretty wild huh?

so what is the worst part right now and what is the best part?
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The worse part right now is not being able to sleep...even aftr i tok some ambien. I feel very grgooggy (as iyou can tell from my typin) but i can't sleep. I hate that and the nuscke cramps. I hate those the worset of all. Uguh
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