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Why would my suboxne dr. Cut me off cold turkey no reason, very high dose??need help

ive been on suboxne for ten yrs. due to getting addicted to hydros. When I went into the office to get my script of subs 24 mg. a day I was told I had to go inpatient before they'd help me anymore. Not understanding I was finally told, the reason was the doctor was seeing a big enough difference since treatment. This is bs!! If it was for the subs idk where my life would be. So next excuse was they wanted to montor my meds, I am on antidepressant, I am also on zanax, which my sub dr has known about that for a VERY long time and even counts them sometimes to make sure I'm not abusing them, this is a fing joke!! So I'm going crazy with wdraw, anxiety is so bad, and my depression is out of control!! I finally give in pack my bags in desperation to go in treatment to get my subs. I get to the Er and they won't addmit me. They even play stupid and act like they don't know my sub dr and he's a dr there on the rehab floor. I went back to Er again today, I drove I thought I was gonna have a heart attack, I tell them my dr wants me inpatint, I have had my subs, I feel like I'm gonna die and I need to go in rehab... They send me home again!! Do these dr. Just lie just to get rid of a patient. Like wtf? Ten yrs. 3 8mg strips a day to nothing. I wouldn't care if I didn't wake up tomorrow. I'm so sick and anxiety is so bad. And I don't even have strength to try n reach out for the fight to find help. Why would he do this, I have never been dirty in all the years. Any advise to get thru this or what I could do, ah isn't even tapering me, I just want this to end!! Help!!!
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Hi Bridget. Sorry you are going thru this. Ya know, some doctors get nervous w/ opiates: they can get in big trouble. I don't know about your dr of course. But, honestly, I know you don't believe this, but this is the BEST thing that could happen to you. Subs are opiates, you know that. 10 years is an insane amount of time to be on them. And honestly, they are supposed to be given very short term and for the people in the most dire straits. They've learned a lot in 10 years. Point is, this day had to come eventually and now it's here. If you can get into rehab, great, go for it. If not, yes, it blows, but it's doable. Being off all opiates, is when life starts to really change. You will feel so FREE not being changed to that sh!t anymore. The point of being of subs is supposed to be the bridge to a sober life, which means learning how to live. That means lots of support. For most of us, it's throwing ourselves into meetings.

For now, look up the Thomas recipe for stuff to aid wds. You aren't having a heart attack (I assume you are healthy otherwise) you are just in detox. We have all felt like we were dying. Drink as much water as possible and stay in the hottest bath you can stand.

I promise you will get thru this. We all did, and we're not better than you. Keep posting here, you will get lots of support!:)
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I too, came off of 24mg of suboxone per day for 7 yes. I totally know that you feel like death....but this can be done. There's got to be more than what their telling you as to why they cut you off and it was extremely irresponsible for them to do that!
1. Are you alone? Do you have a spouse, family member or friend you can enlist to help you?
2. Do you have someone that can run to the store for you?
3. Coming off this high of a sub dose will take approx. 3 weeks...
The Thomas Recipe does work with opiate w/d but I didn't find it very helpful with sub w/d b/c it doesn't fully kick in until day 3/4 so at that point your done the Thomas Recipe???
3/1 magnesium/pottasium/iron vitamin
L-tyrosine (GNC)
Gaba 750 (GNC)
Motrin 200mg x 3
Immodium for bowel issues ( I can't stress this enough)
Big, giant bag Epsom salts for hot soaks in tub which will help
Meal replacement bars, protein shakes, etc...your appetite will be gone but dehydration makes you feel worse (if you can imagine) so lots of Gatorade.
Music, ear buds, cause you'll want it loud!!! Nothing heavy. Light upbeat music....
I swear to you, you can do this! You have to be very strong and push yourself every step of the way! Literally!!!!
Keep posting on here and let us know where your at in your w/d......
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Hi  are you still with us here...???   please post to let us know how your doing...kicking a 24mg sub habit is going to be ruff but it is doable  where all here for you..........Gnarly...........
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