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Will I every feel happy again

Its day 5 without a pain pill I never went this long before. I just got released fom a hospital for medcal detox I use to take vics 750 lortab norco I was wrapped up in myself I didn't notice or care that I was taken 20 to 27 aday.I've been reading your forum for about 2 months you don't how much your questions has helped me. Since I was in detox for 5days should'nt I start feeling better??
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Congratulations on 5 days. You should be feeling better from the physical wds by now but the mental part lasts awhile. Most members get alot of help from the Thomas Recipe and the Amino acid proticol which can be found under health pages in the upper right of the forum. Are you planning any out patient rehab or are you going to NA or AA? Most people need a little more help after the initial detox. I'm glad you have read some posts for awhile here. There is alot more to staying clean than just the physical part. Post here often and let everyone know how you are esp. if you are not doing so well or craving. Members on here will help you through the tough times ahead.You will feel happy again...It will take awhile but you will get there.Feel free to contact me if you need and support or have any questions. God bless. Corey
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Hey sweetie...congrats... You will feel happy I promise.  I am at 63 days CT from about the same amount as you...I feel so happy.  Happier than I have in all my time of using.  Hang in there life is wonderful...
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you are right...physically you should turn the corner soon.  like corey said the mental is where the real battle is and it takes some time to beat it..i have a journal about time...if you get time read it...dont give up,,,you will be happy..just give it some time..lol
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5 days is great...will u feel brand new after 5 days?  how long did u use?  u will begin to feel better and better but it would be a miracle to feel perfectly fine after 5 days..bouts of low energy, anxiety and depression may hit u here and there..then farther and farther apart...give it some time and hit the meetings hard right now...give urself time to heal..exercise and do positive things to release endorphins...try not to dwell on how bad u feel but instead concentrate on the good feelings u have..it is 99% upstairs...if u choose to feel good then u will feel good...doomers can hit and bring u down...i almost became a couch potato..get up and move...it is not helpful to sink into any doomers u may experience...worrying about feeling bad can make u feel bad...move...move...move...and aftercare..good luck
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Congrats on day 5!!!  You will feel better.  We abused our bodies and it will take some time.  Everyone has given you great advice so keep posting and stay strong      sara
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Yes!  You will feel happy again.
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you bet you will! htat's alot of pills so your corner may take a few more days to get around. the thing that is working for me ( day 6) is staying just as busy as i can. i know it's hard. you have to work as hard , no make that harder, on not taking pills. i have been addicted for over 30 years. was totally clean once for almost a year and blew it. that was 15 years ago. i want to be the one who decides what i am going to do each and every day. the first thing i am doing each day is talking to as many people i can, and coming on here. i need constant reminders of how quickly i could give my life back to a bottle of frigging pills, and saying, "ew yuck! i have gone this many days. and i want to keep moving forward. walking in my own old foot steps once again. don't let that pidgeon from hell get in the house an throw sand in your eyes! shut the window! you are worth saving and i am too! you can do this i know you can. keep posting. good luck!    sway
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Congrats on day 5..I was taking around 20 a day as well.. What did they give you in detox??  are you still taking anything from there?
You will start feeling better...I promise you that..First off realize how much tylenol we were putting in our bodies, and if you were paying for them, add that up..I remember feeling down one day and i took out a paper and calculater...I was so disgusted. The money i had spent was enough to make me vomit, then the mgs of tylenol per day was terrible, and my poor liver....Talk about a reality check...
As far as being happy, that is up to you.. I use to think that way, like when will i be normal, happy , feel good about myself??  I learned more in the last few weeks about myself from meetings then i have in yrs...I control if i will be happy, not some lifeless pill..
Your physical should ease up anyday, just prepare yourself for the mental after that..Post as much as you can, we will try to help you through this...YOU can do this.
god bless
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Hi everyone Today is day 6 and I feel better my thoughts are still alittle fuzzy. I'm going today to a outpaient program. I have to admit I'm alittle scared but I'm going. Someone ask why I decided to go to detox I'm tried of living for a pill!! I want to see who Joy really is its been so long a don't know anymore I may even like myself who knows. When I was In detox they gave me methdome which I was really sared of my sister overdosed 2yrs ago at home. But they made me realize they were in control and would'nt let anything hapen to me. I'm not taken anything except vititams. I just know at this moment I'm clean and I feel good about the decision. Thanks to everyone that wrote backI'm alone alot and this helps so much. I had been reading this site for about a month. thanks again.
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