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Will I feel normal soon?

I have been on suboxone for 5 days been off methadone 15 days will I feel normal soon?
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I was on 85mg since feb I was on methadone since oct 5th before that I was misusing suboxone so funny as it may be I'm now gotten off the methadone because I gained 40 pounds in a short period of time and methadone I just hated it. So 15 days ago I stopped and went to heroin up til Saturday now it's Thursday I took suboxone Sunday I felt p/w then I got a edible and got stoned n slept I've been taking muscle relaxers I'm feeling better by still tired no energy . Please tell me I will feel better and normal soon
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hi  and welcome to the forum....well we have a formula that works  it is how high a dose  85mg is up there...that and how long....you havent been on it years  thats a big+  that last last your age will all factor in....b/4 you recover you need to get off everything  once there the brain can begin to reset things....outside support is advised  N/A has a great program that helps keep me clean  I recamend it to everyone  any way  mabe a month you should start to feel better  it is usually a 30 to 90 day deal to recover  just depends on how hard your habit was
Yes I'm clean off everything I'm on suboxone that's it I feel little better today I'm 40 and I was on methadone for 7 mos so long enough to screw me up I do N/A but suboxone is looks down upon anyhow I don't use anything it's been 5 days on suboxone so I'm guessing pretty soon I will feel 100% yes I was on 85 mg n did a jump
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well the sub will keep it off you for a wile  but sonner or later you need to jump ship on the sub
most successful members tapered  off in around 2 mo  from there start date
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