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Will Neurontin help my vicodin withdrawal?

Hi again, sorry I forgot to say that I am on 300 mg of neurontin a day for nerve pain. Will this help with my withdrawals if I stop the vics?  Just wondering cuz my doc really never said why he put me on it. I just can't get off work right now but want to stop the vics so I have to bear the withdrawals some way some how and I go to AA meetings right now.    Thanks again
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I read some info about neurontin supposibly being helpful with wd's .I was prescribed some back in August when I had a post op nerve flairup and was going thru wd's at the time. I believe it does help some. Its primary purpose is for nerve pain though..

Now why it helped I'm not sure. I think it masks some of the symptoms as the neurontin had its own set of side effects hitting me such as dizziness along with some nausea..So with those symptoms ,it was hard to determine what was causing what, but compared to a wd experience I had in April, the August wd's were not as bad when taking the neurontin..
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