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Will all addicts use if they have access to pills?

I am really wondering about this.  I know if I have access to pills I will take them.  They will haunt me and I will end up giving in.  I have learned that because I have done it over and over again.  I have no control when I am offered pills.  I have no control when I know that they are available to me.
Does this get easier?  Do you reach a point where you can walk away?  If you had pills now would you take them?
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Well now..This is where we have to put up some Boundaries..We have to stay away from people, places and things. You have to know that since this Addiction is a Brain disease that if we just try to take that "One" that Pleasure part of the Brain will remember the pleasure and play the tape back again and again using every excuse for just one more then in a blink in a eye it can be 100000000 down the throat. Sometimes things will happen in life where the pain is so out of control, like if you had surgery or in a car wreak. This is when we must have them handed out to us and try to keep a lid on our addiction. My Dr told me once if I do not need them that bad and could do other OTC then I would be better off..He said even in if I have a little over a Year, I could still find them any where if I want more..Even if I did get some to be handed out..This is where you must keep up the Support in all areas..When we crave we must call someone in AA/NA, Church Sponsor Family, Friend any body who can help us..It will only take a minute to want one and a minute to redirect yourself. We know the drill and we must keep are Armour on at all times..One bite can lead back to a big open wound. I always say the detox is the easy part (hard) but it is staying clean that is the hardest. So you must try to stay Safe and not even walk in them coals becasue you will get burned. SO it is best to stay away from every where or anybody who has them if possible..Yes turn and run..Do not walk RUN!! Your life depends on it.
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Sometimes, when I am in a very rare and confident place, with a good deal of peace of mind and resolve, I will turn away from pills.  In fact, I think I did this maybe two years ago at a gathering at a friend of a friend's house.  I looked in the medicine chest in the bathroom, took out the bottle, opened it, and put it back.  But I really think this was a freak event, that I was able to put them back.  I am pretty certain that if I had pills now I would take them.  If they were within reach and I resisted them, I believe I would eventually give in.  I have the desire to use all the time, and the saving grace is I don't have easy access to pills.
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Hi Meegan
You sound so like me.  I have realized that I have no power at all over them and it really upsets me.  I don't want to take them but I think about them so often and I can so see me going into a friend's medicine chest looking for pills.  
They just always seem to be calling my name.  Even when they aren't there.
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A very timely post…I'm pushing two years clean, but I still think about pills every day. If I'm offered pills I won't take them (because I'm afraid that my wife or family may find out), BUT, what is very dangerous for me, is if I'm at a house where I know pills are in the bathroom, etc. That's my temptation. So, I tell my wife what I'm thinking, and she looks in the bathroom for me. Sounds pitiful, but I KNOW my weakness, and I still have to have help.
I is getting a bit easier. Thanks again.
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I'm not sure how to reply to this. The answer for me is yes, no, maybe. I guess it depends on where you are at in recovery. It was easier for me cause I had no access but my doctor. I had no dealer, no family that takes them, no friends that would even think about offering me anything like that. My doctor is aware that I abused my prescriptions for a long time. When I broke my leg I was freaked out and in complete denial because I was scared. I knew my leg was broken, but I didn't tell anyone for a while. When it finally got so bad that I went to the doctor I was in near hysterics. I'm kind of rambling, but I never worried about pills much, yes I craved them badly, but I had no access. I think that if someone offered me pills out of the blue, like a long lost friend that suddenly called & offered them, I would like to say no! But, honestly I just don't know what I would do. Thank goodness I've never had to find out.

Good post, Pat. And yes, very timely!
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Hi my dear Kyle.
I guess being alone in this fight is why I have been isolating myself.  I am afraid of the world out there with all the pills.
Funny story.  I was sitting in the drug store waiting for a prescription for blood pressure to be filled when this elderly lady sat beside me.  She was visiting from England and fell and injured her arm and was in a lot of pain.  She had gone to the ER here.  The pharmacist came over to talk to her and explain her script.  Yup it was Percocet.  I sat and listened to how she had to take them.  They gave her a whole freaking bottle full.  Thoughts of how I could probably get them away from her in the parking lot crossed my mind.  I mean she had one arm in a sling and she was pretty old.  OMG.  I know, I don't think I would ever do that but that whole bottle of pills.  OH wow.  
I worked in bank for years and never took a dime and nor was I ever tempted but when it comes to pills.  Wow.  Scary stuff.
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