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Will methadone take away withdrawals from opana ir

I take 20mg of methadone a day and opana ir 10mg but have been taking more opanas and the dr has been cutting me down so I'm taking more opanas than prescribed I'm out of opanas so will the methadone prevent withdrawels
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Yes it will help.
Just make sure you get off the Methadone sooner then later. The Methadone has a much longer life span then the short acting ones, but it is no fun coming off of this med when you have taken a high dose and for too long. These type of pills (all opiates) change our Brain and Body chemistry, so this will take some time to adjust back after you stop. We are here to help you get drug free and see the light.

I wish you all the best.

Coming off of Opana is a NIGHTMARE! That being said, coming off of Methadone is a BRUTAL, MORBID, NIGHTMARE!! I got up to 200mg oxy a day for about a year. My use went from 10mg a day, and escalated over the course of 4 years. Decided to do methadone treatment to get off. Started at 30 mg, and it helped me not have severe w/d. I did, however, let that get the best of me as well. Got to 120 mgs of Methadone a day. Trying to quit that was 10x worse than the oxys. If you want off Opana, it can be done with Methadone. You can't take them both together, you have to stop the Opana. You don't feel them anymore anyway probably. If you do, the Methadone dose is too low. Now, that answered your question. However, *WARNING* Methadone is insanely addictive and brutal to quit. We call it liquid handcuffs, because once you start, you're locked in. Opana w/d is almost mild compared to Methadone. My advice is to keep your dose as low as possible, so it's easier to titrate down to get off of it. It would've taken me months to titrate from 120mgs. My last dose was November 1st. Ironically, I used oxy's to come off the Methadone, which worked pretty well. I am now 6 days clean from those, but going through relatively minor withdrawals. People can tell you "use this, use that" but there is one thing you need more than anything else, that is more effective than anything else, and that is willpower. You have to want it, and you have to establish a "why" Why do you want it? If your "why" can make you cry, it's powerful enough to get you through anything. My "why" is my children and the financial burden I have inflicted upon my family, which has made me cry several times. Never again. Sorry to extend your question so much, but you need to be warned of Methadone, yes it works, but limit it to just get through the Opana w/d, then get out! Otherwise it's just trading one for another. Jumping out of the pot and into the fire.
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I meant to answer your question, but accidently posted in response to VICourageous, so just read my response to VI's answer.
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