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Will taking a tramadol 72nd hour of suboxone/subutex withdraw restart process?

Ok so I have a question. I took my last suboxone 100 hours ago. I still feel very weak. I never really took more than 4mg a day and have only been on them for 7 months. I took a 50mg tramadol yesterday around my 72 hour. Does that restart my withdraw process all over again from the beginning? Especially since the subs should be completely out of my system by now.
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Hi I don't really think suboxone is a drug that'll cause you have start back over if you take something.... I do know methadone is like that but when taken with tramadol cause adverse effect an block methadine from working fully setting you into faster methadone withdraw ... I know if you was to take a sub now it'll prob set you back but not so much with other things
Suppose wait like 72 hours befire taking opioid with suboxone  cause you withdrawl a day or so cause of the blocker but tramadol isint really a narcotic and I've took those plenty times ontop my sub when I used them it didn't bother me like oxys WILL but sub is I like methadone you can't start back over from day one while your off the drug compleyly how many days are you off of it?!
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I don't think that it will restart your withdrawal time...but I don't think that after 72 hours, all the suboxone is out of your system either.  It has a VERY long half life.  I didn't learn that fact until I quit subs on Jan 1, 2014.  I have been clean of them (and ALL mood altering chemicals since then), so it can be done.  You need some time and patience.  Let us know how your doing....talking through this part with people that have been there does help!
Yes your right it does have a long half life I meant I think the effects that you'd get if taking a medicine while it's still fresh in your system if taking opioid it could cause withdrawls with some people people's different I've taking the sub an it's long half life like methadone well similar
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