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Will the pain ever go away

I guess I over did it yesterday. My neurophy (sp) pain is working over time!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The amitriptyline hasn't started to work fully yet. I'm sleeping much better but it hasn't helped the pain all that much yet. I KNOW, time!!!!!  Oh by the way, I won the Texas holdum  last night!!! Matter of fact We had to break up early because I knocked them out early. Everybody left at 9:15pm  Had time to clean up the mess before bed and get up to a clean house this morning. It's a cold ,wet Saturday here and going to be ice and sleet tomorrow and Monday. God Bless everyone and be safe this week-end.
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Um, yeah, it sounds like you did over do it yesterday. Take it easy and rest up today. I hope your pain gets better soon. I really understand! Take care, hon.
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Yes, overdoing it is never a good idea.  I realize sometimes there isn't a way around that, but overall, you need to be cognizant of the fact that you can't do some of these things they way you used to.  So take help, if you can get it, and don't beat yourself up over it.  Things change as time passes, and it's easier to handle if you just accept it and give yourself a break. We can't be everything to everyone, or "superwoman".  It's a losing battle.

Try a heating pad, or a hot bath, some ibuprofen or aleve (course, not sure if you can take that along with the med you're on?), and take it easy for the day wherever possible.  That should help and you should feel better in the morning.  :)
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Nicely said ImDone~
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Thanks, Sarah.
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Sounds like our tooter plays a mean game of Texas Hold Em!!!
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