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Winging, tapering of Clonazpam

The doc has me on a tapering plan....want to know what you guys think.
history...Been on clonazpam for 6 years..from .5 to 2 And back to .5 once a day tried to cold turkey..last week failed after my 6 day! That was Hell...now he has me on the Following

.5 once a night for two weeks,
.25 once a night for a week
.25 every other night for a week then stop...

So guys, do you think it will work, and will I some withdrawals...I Can handle a little but not off the wall hell again! So what do you guys think? Need your advice!
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i don't think we are allowed to comment on tapers, but with that said, you are under a doctor's care, which is good, and gradual tapers are good, and that is gradual so ...  Imo you will still have withdrawals ... but you will be able to handle it.  Have you read the Ashton Manual?  I would do a little research and be prepared.  It can be done, and you will do it!  but I don't think ct is the way.  Good job!  You will be glad you did this.  :)
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Thanks for listening....
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Cat, I have never been on benzos, but my girl friend was and I do know you have to go very slow, very slow and according to how your body is feeling. Sometimes doctors try to taper a person too fast. Just be careful and go according to how your body feels.

Prayers for you
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Depends on your anxiety and stress level. You've been on a long time as I have which is a major factor. I would personally not go that fast.
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