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I've been on here a lot recently complaining about my rls since detoxing from methadone cold turkey from 30 mg. I've searched the the internet endlessly trying to find anyone who's experienced this symptom for as long as I have to no prevail. Last I did stumble upon a site stating you can give yourself rls permanently from withdrawal, which scares the crap out of me. I was wondering if anyone else had heard or read anything like that before? I'm now on day 38 and while it had decreased some I'm still miserable. I've done all of the suggestions you guys have given me. I take potassium, magnesium, multivitamin, Hylands restful legs, tonic water. Please let me know if you or someone you know has experienced rls for this long during withdrawal. I really have no other symptoms other than still having a upset stomach and depression only when my rls us really bothering me.
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Oh! WOW! No I have never heard of this. I am so so so sorry for you..I really feel in my Heart it will go away..Methadone does not let go to easy. Like I had taken one when I went to get help..It still showed up 3 weeks later in my urine..BUT of coarse it was years and years of using it.
I would keep doing everything you are doing and maybe also talk to the Dr about this. I sure really do feel for you..That was my worse fear and I beat it this time around..lol
Keep in touch and let us know how it is going..OK?
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Hi i got rls  for 3 months, when i had naltrexone implants years ago.  I just took a lot of panadol and nurofen and rubbed anti-inflammatory cream on my legs. Its terrible i know.  Maybe dont eat tomatoes or orange juice just to make sure you dont make it worse.
Wish i could help more.  Hoping you get better very soon : )
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Sorry you still have rls. Are you taking anything OTC or  prescribed besides
The things mentioned above?
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No. I currently have no insurance so trying to avoid going to the dr. if possible. Thinking when I reach 40 days if it's not gone I'll go to a walk in clinic. But who knows if they'll be able to help.
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A good friend of mine recently detoxed from Methadone and told me that it was at least 3 months before her RLS went away.  I had it really bad for about 3 weeks when I detoxed off oxy.  The Hylands helped as did a magnesium drink called CALM.  Also, bananas, bananas, bananas.  I really think they did me the most good.  Stay away from OTC sleep meds, Gravol, or antihistamines because they can add to it.  Good work on the 38 days- I know how hard it is to come off methadone and so be PROUD of yourself.  Hang in there.  Hope you find some relief soon.
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I feel for u..I was diagnosed with rls in 2004.They gave me nerontin..I hated it so stopped taking after the first couple weeks.I do have a friend that swears by it.He says he would not get any sleep without it..The years on tabs it subsided and while on methadone..Now it is back..I am about to go into day 19 here and sleeping 4-6 hours.I take Hylands,vitamins,protian shakes and lots of water.i ran out of the hylands last week and my legs started up again.Be patient with yourself.U have to find what works for u..Congrats on 38 days...Hugs
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Thank you guys! I'm trying to stay positive but it's just discouraging because it feels like it'll never end. I never had RLS before except when in withdrawal and the first time, several years ago it wasn't this bad.
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Keep on keeping on.
Congrats on your clean time.
Walk as much as possible.
Remember each detox gets worse and worse.
Make this your last.
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Have you tried compression stockings?  They sell them at the pharmacy.  I've heard they help.  Also, a heating blanket or heating pad. Another suggestion is putting towels in the dryer, getting them nice and toasty and wrapping them around your legs.
You are doing great!  Sorry you are still having this problem. Keep pushing forward! God bless!
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I haven't tried the socks. They didn't have any when I went to get them so I got ace bandages instead and they help a little.
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Hi. I read though many of the comments and if I'm repeating someone I apologize. Caffeine makes detox induced rls much worse in my experience. I'm a morning coffee drinker but I try to limit myself to just that dose of caffeine each day and, here I am on day 7 (opiate detox) feeling much better. Good luck to you.
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Calmx is supposed to work. I have it and take Requip. It is a prescription but you can get a generic too. There are a couple other medicines too. Hot Epson salt baths work too. Other than at night try to move around a lot. If you lay down or sit still it will come.

Hoping it goes away soon. If not prescription is what you will need.
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I'm at day 48 and still experience Rls. But it is only every other or every few days now. I understand how devastating it is. I feel alone. I feel like I'm going to break. Anything to ease the pain and loneliness of it. But it is getting better. No matter how small. It is progress! Hang tight and congratulations on 38 days!!!
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