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Withdrawal after 5 weeks of Tramadol..I need info please

I have been on Tramadol for 5 weeks due to double knee replacement pain.  I tried to stop it cold turkey and had horrible withdrawal symptoms. I had no idea I was addicted to it that fast. Does anyone have any advice on coming off this drug? I have been taking 100mg twice daily.
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Hello and welcome. Have you had addiction issues in the past?
If not you have just become dependent on them.
So you are taking 200 mgs a day. Ask you doctor for a taper schedule. You have to reduce a small amount and let your body adjust to the drop before you reduce again.
Tramadol also has a antidepressant component to it. So that could also be a factor.
I hope you are feeling better and that you are healing.
Thank you so much for answering...No past addiction problems. I am trying to decide on how much to take tonight before bed.  Its been 12 hours since I took 100mg this morning because I was having such horrible withdrawal symptoms that I couldn't take it anymore. Is going down 50mg tonight too much? I don't want to wake up in the condition I was in this morning that is for sure..I almost drove myself to the ER for help but felt so stupid for not researching this drug to begin with.
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Well you went cold turkey so going from 200mgs a day to 0. You took 100mgs and it stopped the withdrawal.
We can't give taper schedules sorry it is s against the forum rules. But taking less will still cause withdrawal symptoms but they won't be as severe. I hope this helps some.
Yes..so far..I took 75mg tonight.  I understand you can't advise but thanks for the support.
That sounds perfect. 25% drop is good. Stay there for a few days or so until you feel ok and then repeat. If you have withdrawal symptoms we can give suggestions to help ease them.
Stay hydrated that is important.
Your welcome. Keep the faith.
I'm still having withdrawal symptoms but they are nothing near what I experienced going off of it cold turkey. (so far at least). Shaky, diarrhea, a little agitated. Spacing the doses 12 hours apart. I'm trying to drink lots of water. After reading so much yesterday I now know why I have lost 20 pounds very quickly...I have no appetite at all. Can't wait for this to be out of my body. I will never ever take another medication without really researching it first. Thank you so much for your support.
I am now also noticing that I am having uncontrollable yawning...ugh...this is miserable.
How are you doing?
It is important to get some nourishment. Protein drinks like boost or ensure are good.
Get some Imodium for your stomach issues. Eating bananas, toast, rice and apples will help bind it up some. It's called the brat diet.
Taking hot showers or hot Epsom salt baths will help with the shakes, anxiety and overall malais.
Went down again last night to like 62Mg...taking it exactly every 12 hours.Just now took my second dose of 62mg. I am using a pill splitter to get that dose. Initially experienced some heavy anxiety, sweating, yawning, shaking, skin crawling, agitation until it kicked in. I am taking it with ensure because the Tramadol has killed my appetite so much that I hardly eat a very small amount daily. I have lost 20 pounds in the 6 weeks now that I have taken it. Having Diarrhea every morning but then it stops during the day. This is for sure the most uncomfortable thing I have ever been through. Trying to hang in there...Every time I take my "dose" I can't help but get so angry at myself as I am swallowing it down. I should have researched this drug before I ever took it. Never again will I take any drug unless I fully know the effect of coming off of it as well as the side effects. Thank you again for your support.
Thank God in heaven that I was on this for only 5 weeks..I feel incredibly sorry for anyone who is going through this withdrawal off Tramadol.
Going down to 50mg tonight and in the morning.....I know its fast but I just cant stand this in my body. Ensure, Gatorade, a banana, chicken soup, a protein shake today along with vitamins and supplements tonight. Hope I sleep.
You are doing great. You are getting nourishment. Taking vitamins. You can take otc melatonin, alteril, sleep by nature made. A hot shower or bath. You can Drink some sleepy time tea.
How are you knees healing? Are you able to walk some, or swim? That would help with the detox also.
You sound great. Keep up the good work.
I have now cut my dosage in half, I took 50 mg last night and this morning and will go to 37.5mgs tonight...It has been pretty rough but I could not imagine taking weeks to come off of this. Imodium is my friend.  Still having agitaion, diarrhea, yawning, sweating and my mind just seems to be not clear. I had a rough time sleeping last night so I thank you for your suggestions on otc sleep remedies. I will take melatonin tonight. Taking on bilateral knee replacement at the early age of 53 was a huge decision. I have suffered with knee pain for years caused by just over using them. I am a Medical Assistant by profession and my last  job was at a very large Cancer Center in the Breast Cancer department. I was walking 5-7 miles daily and they finally just could not hold me up anymore. I had no choice but to replace them . My surgery was on June 16 and I am still in the process of healing. They say it will take a year. It has been the most painful long recovery ever. I am walking...just not pain free yet. I am still in Physical Therapy twice a week that I have not been able to attend due to my little dependency problem I am dealing with. Coming off the nasty Tramadol took priority. I would have loved to do aqua therapy but I could not find a facility that offered it. Again Your support has been a prayer answered, I did not know where to turn for advice as I am sure many others face daily. I made some phone calls to our local ask a Nurse hotlines in my city (Kansas City) and they acted like it was just no big deal quitting this drug. (as I was pacing the floor feeling like I needed to go to the E.R.) I sure wish everyone that is taking this stuff knew beforehand how terrible it is to come off of. I am sure there would be less people on it. Very scary.
Seems like mornings are the time I feel the worst. Ugh....I have developed sneezing fits too. HA
Yes. Tramadol was just reclassified. Until two years ago it wasn't even on the schedule. The withdrawal and detox can be lengthy for those who have been on it for years. We have a whole blog about tramadol that has been going for years. If you want to read put it up in the search box.
You can also take some otc antihistamines or cold tablets.
So you have been taking the tramadol since June?
Yea to do a double knee replacement that was a lot to take on. I am suprised a doctor did that.
That's good that you feel better as the day goes on.
You are done to 50mg per dose?!?
You are doing a fast taper but even with a slower one you would have had withdrawal. So you are doing great.
Keep up the good work.
Sending prayers for healing and comfort,
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I had the surgery in june. I started off on norco and then switched to tramadol September 8th.  So I was only on the tramadol for roughly 5 and a half weeks before I knew I wanted to try to stop it and progress to just otc stuff. I had no withdrawal at all from the norco. I'm still in shock that I became that dependent on the tramadol in just 5 weeks.  Fast taper was the only way for me. I want off it bad.  Really weird but even now at half the dose I was taking..I can already feel more energy and better physically. That stuff was making me feel like a slug.
7pm. Time for my first 37.5mg dose after taking 50mg this morning at 7am. Whewwww weee withdrawal kicking in terrible. My poor body. Ugh
: )~ Down to 25mg twice daily.  
If you went right from norco to tramadol you wouldn't have had any withdrawal. One replaced the other.
How are you feeling?
Are you eating? Staying hydrated?
Have you been able to sleep?
Keep the faith:
I threw it all away (mixed it in my coffee grounds this morning). I took my last 12.5mg yesterday at 7am. Had a pretty rough day yesterday of feeling just not right in my mind as I would describe as paranoid, agitated, panic feeling, shaky. As the day went on the feeling started going away. By the time I went to bed last night I was feeling pretty good. I still did not sleep well and had some really strange urge to move my legs somewhat like I was riding a bicycle in bed. It was really annoying. Hope that goes away FAST as my knees did not appreciate that at all. I finally fell asleep at some point. I probably have slept on average 3 hours a night for a full week now. I am drinking tons of Gatorade and trying to eat as much as I can with no appetite at all. Still taking Imodium, multi-vitamin, vit d3, potassium, probiotic, baby aspirin and my normal lipitor and pantoprazole. I sure hope this is almost over because its been hell. I live alone and  have had nobody here to help me. I have lay in bed at night praying out loud to God for help as I really did not think I was even going to make it through the night. Today should be interesting as I am going on hour 25 right now with no Tramadol. The fast taper was my only choice..I felt like I would prolong it if I did a slow taper. One last note....this could not have been good on my body to go through this. I will never ever touch another medication until I fully research it. I am really thankful for you taking the time to check on me. All of my friends did not understand how I could be dependent on something as "MILD" as Tramadol. They just did not understand the dangers of this drug at all. Thank YOU very much.
Add...I am taking Ibuprofen for pain.
After being awake 3 hours the trots started again...Tolerable but uncomfortable anxiety feeling. 27 hours  off the Tramadol. Ibuprofen, Imodium, scrambled eggs and some almond milk. Lots of water. No appetite at all. Forcing myself to eat. It sure it putting up a good fight to make me feel terrible.
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Your welcome.
Congratulations my friend. You are healing. As time goes on you will feel better and better.
Try to be patient with the process.
Keep on keepin on.
Keep up with the things you are doing.
Yes force yourself to eat. That is very important.
I am very happy for you.
I am so proud of you.
You have done awesome.
Keep the faith.
Sending prayers for continued healing,
I think what I am mostly struggling with is the antidepressant factor with Tramadol....The biggest issue I am having is that my brain does not feel like its functioning right. The Panic, Anxiety feeling is just overwhelming. I am a little better I think this morning but WOW what a ride this has been.
Yes that is understandable. That could take some time.
How are you feeling? I hope and pray you are feeling better each day.
Keep moving forward.
I am AWESOME,,,off of Tramdol...Never again...a few brain zaps still and sleep issues but I 'm hoping that resolves soon.  Tylenol only for me...You have just been great supporting me. Thank you so much.
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Hello, I am also going through this process as well from tramadol. I was taking it much much longer and about 500mg per day. I am currently on day 8 cold turkey. The physical detox is pretty much over, well except the brain zaps. Metal part of it has been hard the last few days. I did cancel my last refill this morning and instead of feeling free and positive, I'm feeling anxious and not good. I have a young toddler at home and my husband travels for work alot and is currently gone for the next 2 weeks. When I took my pills I was super mom and had no problems taking care of a really busy toddler, our home and being away from all our friends and family as we just moved to a new state. its been a difficult few days so I started to obsess about when I could fill my script, so stupid after getting past the detox part but that's what these pills do! So I'm gonna try and stay busy the rest of the day, do what I need to do and try and stay positive! Let me know how you are doing? We can do it together!
I am doing well and off the Tramadol since October 20th..All I can say is NEVER AGAIN.  I would not touch that stuff if you paid me. I am still having mild brain zaps and sleep issues but NOTHING compared to what the initial withdrawal was..This whole Tramadol mess came as a huge surprise to me because I did not research it before taking it. I am in shock still that any drug can cause that effect after only 5 weeks of use, taking as directed. I wish anyone going through this the best of luck because I feel great now...I still have pain in my knees from replacements but I am only taking tylenol.  So appreciative of this site and atthebeach..your were priceless in guiding me through this.
I don't think I could have taken care of a toddler while coming off Tramahell. Much respect to you.
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