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Withdrawal from Oxycodone and Fentenyl?

I have severe chronic pain due to a.  totally messed up back.  Even with 50 mcg, 3-day  Fentenyl patch, and 60 to 80 mg  Oxycodone, this doesn't completely handle the pain. On a good day, the pain might be a 3 or 4.  On a bad day, it's more like 8.  It's mainly from Osteoarthritis in my Lumbar spine, but I also have  arthritis in my hands, feet,, neck, knees, shoulders, etc., but also fron Crohn' s and Fibromyalgia. I have maintained the same dosage level of meds for about 10 years.  I REALLY don't want to get into the doseage increase spiral. I'd like to get off the opioid.  I am 65 and am aware that older people can wake up dead because these meds are metabolized more slowly and can build up in your system.  The Fentenyl, BTW, was Rx'd to replace Oxycontin which was being stolen by a family member, and
Oxycodone IR has no Percocet. I  can't take Aspirin or NSAIDS due to my Crohn' s.  The Oxy is supposed to be for breakthrough pain, but I take it on a schedule to it stay ahead of the pain.  Sort of.  I also take Cymbalta and Celebrex to help with the pain. All prescribed. I've tried hard not to abuse them, but sometimes I TAKE a little extra extra o shorten the interval.  So.  That's it.  What on earth can I do to get off these drugs?  I've heard there is a news drug that connects with the Opiod receptors and thus reduces the need for the opiatees. Supposed to ease withdrawal.  Amphitheatre of this?  Any other suggestions?  And I'm afraid of the pain, which, if not controlled by these drugs, might flatten me.  I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Thanks much to anybody who can help and Bless all oof you.
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Hi there and Welcome!  I suffer from RA and a few other shoulder/elbow tendonitis issues.  So, I can understand some of your pain.  You are in a good place here at MH as there are many others who suffer serious pain.  If you are ready to get off your opiates (or other meds) you are at the right place.  You are on quite a few different meds and have many health issues, have you discussed this with your Doctor?  That would be a great place to start as your Doctor should be able to put a plan in place for you.

I, personally had to cold turkey off of vicodin as I was not strong enough to taper off...if I had them, then I found every reason under the sun to take them.  If you are looking to taper or stop opiates CT (cold turkey) I would highly advise you to click on the link at the bottom of the page for the Thomas Recipe as it provides you a list of items on hand to help get thru WD (withdraw) symptoms.

I understand the fear of the pain, however, many of us can attest to the fact that once we got rid of the pain meds, the pain wasn't as intense as we believed it to be.  Most of us can control pain thru over the counter meds, heat/ice, PT, TENS units, etc.  Not to say that we don't go thru some periods of time that are awful, but would rather do it sober than with the meds.  I just finished my second round of steroids in a short period of time to ease joint inflammation.  Still looking for a good solution.

Please keep posting on this thread, ask questions, vent...whatever you need.  This community is a wonderful support system and we are all here for you.

God Bless, and again, Welcome!
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I also have chronic pain, I had 2 major back surgeries with the most recent one a few weeks ago. Along with elbow surgery due to tendinitis and a minor knee surgery. I've been on oxycodone for 2 years and prior was on perks for 10. Which I didn't become addicted until I started on the oxycodone.  Many people will say they aren't strong enough to taper but me personal aren't strong enough to do it cold turkey. I was taking 5 15s a day and tapered down to 2 1/2 a day which I worked with my dr but now I'm back up to 4 a day since my surgery.  I have very low blood pressure to begin with even prior to taking pills. When I tried ct I ended up getting sick which everyone does but I passed out due to Bp dropping.   I lucked out with an understanding dr who was willing to work with me and show me the proper way to taper but its not a quick process unlike ct, that's the bad part. Due to age and medical history I would ask your dr what would be the best way. Good luck
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I also wanted to add that being afraid of the pain is normal but your tolerance is so high that they aren't helping the way they should anyways.  I had to recover from my back surgery with the pain medication that I was on for 2 years and didn't help with my pain at all. So I was in so much more pain.  My plan was to taper off before I had the surgery for that reason. I knew my pain meds wouldn't work and the pain was going to be intense and it was. But I had to get the surgery sooner then I wanted too.
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