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Withdrawal help

I am on 200 mcg fentanyl patches X 48 hours.  Due to the hot sticky weather, an allergy to adhesive overlays and  sweating caused by a systemic staph infection infection my patches are not sticking at all to me.  They do  however stick to clothing, sheets, the floor and each other very well.   I replaced a few at times because  I needed some help with the pain (end stage osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, RA and systemic lupus.) I have a PIC line for antibiotics so the staph will soon get better but my mail order pharmacy has been processing my fentanyl order for much longer than usual and I am on my last set of patches.  I went through withdrawal once following a hurricane that shut down our city entirely for two weeks and it was not a pleasant experience.  I have clonidine, valium and 4 mg dilaudid I can use to minimize the symptoms, but I am not sure of the proportions to use and how often.  It is a weekend so there is no contacting my pain management doctor or pharmacist and I would rather not contact the PM anyway.  With their practice it is best to fly under the radar and have no issues with being out of medication.  It is my fault I am out before my new order arrives.  However, it is mid-term week beginning tomorrow and I currently have a combined 4.0 and do not want to ruin my GPA because of this.  Any advice is welcome
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Hi, Are you just looking for help to get through until your next refill?
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Hi there and Welcome to the forum-  We can't advise you on amounts and dosages for your meds; it's against guidelines here.  Did you use the fentanyl more than every 48 hours because of increased pain?

Some pharmacists work on Sunday...but you could call the pharmacy for advice tomorrow because you still have some patches to get you through. Also, call the mail order place in the morning to ask how soon they can send your patches.  
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Your doctor office should have an emergency phone line. Also...isn't delay dud quite a strong narcotic as well? Do you take it with your patches normally?
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