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I have been on pain medication for two years due to some problems.  I had surgery in April and since then have tapered down off the meds.  I was on Avinza 60 and oxy for breakthrough before surgery.  I slowly weaned off of them and just finished the hydrocodone taper on Tuesday.  My question is this Friday night and Saturday I had to take oxy again due to a cyst.  I was just wondering if that would make the withdrawals start again.  I really felt fine withdrawal wise by Friday but Friday night when it ruptured I really had no choice.  Any help would be appreciated because I don't want to withdrawal again especially since I'm going on a week vacation tomorrow.  Thanks to all!!!!
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Hi there! Are you still taking the Oxy, or just took it on Fri and Sat? I would not think you would have withdrawals! Or perhaps they would be very mild! Try not to anticipate anything, and just make sure you are prepared! Great job on the tapering! Take care, and enjoy your vacation!
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Thanks...yeah just took Friday and Saturday.  Thanks for your input!!  Man is this hard but it does feel good to finally be pain pill free!!
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If you don't feel it by now then you won't. It would have hit within hours after the last dose. I hope you have gotten rid of all the pills you have left. Keeping them around as a "just-in-case" is far too tempting. I wish you the best.
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Thanks...no I don't have any around anymore and am loving that and loving not taking them!!
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