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Withdrawing from Codein

I am a 57 year old male living in Ontario, Canada.
Four years ago I discovered online how to ingest codeine using the coldwater extraction method.
Works just fine but when it came time to quite the habit it proved not to be as simple as I thought.
I do not have the support of either my family doctor nor my wife in my quest to get clean so can
anyone please give me their honest opinion on how best to proceed, and the best method
without placing me in Dantes Inferno ! for the next six weeks.
Thanks !
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Hi welcome to the forum :)

humm the best plan ?  it would help your wds if you are able of taper down your dose...But it is really tough and almost impossible for us, addicts, doing it on our own... as you say that nobody knows about it, i assume you don't have any person to help you with the taper...On the long run, we need making life changes after detoxing.... leading a healthy life ( exercise, diet, rest ... ), getting rid of any toxic relationship and addressing our addictive behaviour and personal problems ( NA meetings, therapy, addiction counseling...whatever may work for you :)... and stay here posting in the forum, this is a good place to be now and find the support of others peers ...

as for the wds..... if you don't have any other medical condition, it is doable ct, expect 7/10 days of flu like symptoms, being the 3/4 the worst... you can read the thomas recipe and the amino acid protocol on the health pages ( right side of the screen ) i also advice alsways to read as much posts as you can, knowledge is power ..... Kee yourself hydrated and pushing toxins out by drinking a lot ( gatorades, apple/orange juice, tonic water has quinine on it and can help' you with muscles cramps), take some mineral supplements like magnesium+calcium and potasium ... to help you with muscles cramps and rls,... take a lot of hot baths and i mean a lot :) , some immodium for diarrhea, advil, a goood vitamin and B's complex and lots of positive thinking ... maybe some melatonin and valerian root to help you with sleep and anxiety ..

All the best and luck :)
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